Oh Ki-sang “blocking and defense are one”, a counterattack play that Cha Ji-hwan was also satisfied with 

OK Financial Group’s new head coach Ogino Massage emphasized that “blocking and defense are one” and saw the effect.

OK Financial Group announced a pleasant start by defeating KB Insurance 3-0 in the first men’s game of the 2023 Gumi Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament, which opened on the 6th. Cha Ji-hwan and Jeon Byeong-seon played an active role as twins, and overwhelms the opponent with a 14-9 advantage in team blocking.

After taking the helm of OK Financial Group in May, coach Ogino sought change. He said, “I wanted to strengthen all skill areas. He was particularly focused on blocking and dig systems. He prepared for the level up of the team, not the individual. There are still parts to be refined, but I think I can show you persistent volleyball with blocking and dig,” he said, emphasizing blocking and dig.토토사이트

In addition, “I look forward to all players in this tournament, but among them, I am looking forward to Cha Ji-hwan and three middle blockers, Park Won-bin, Jeon Jin-seon, and Jin Sang-heon. I practiced a lot of the blocking moves of the three people,” revealing his affection for the middle blocker. Cha Ji-hwan, who is 201cm tall, is the only outside hitter on the team in this tournament alongside Lee Jin-seong, a second-year pro. He also expressed his anticipation for Cha Ji-hwan, who will play the role of an ace.

Cha Ji-hwan also mentioned blocking and digs during his off-season training. He said, “Win ​​and loss are important, but the part that I prepared after Oh Ki-sang came came out well. That part is the most satisfying,” he said. “After blocking, there were a lot of defense and counterattack processes. Last year, the defense was weak and we couldn’t create many counterattack situations, but today, the counterattack point was a good part.”

Coach Ogino wanted players to call him ‘Ogi-san’ instead of ‘coach’ after taking office. Cha Ji-hwan also used the title ‘Ogi-sang’.Cha Ji-hwan continued, “Oh Ki-sang told me that blocking and defense are one. He said that in volleyball, every touch is related. He has been able to reconsider knowing these things,” he said concisely.Cha Ji-hwan recorded 6 of the 14 team blocks that day. Park Won-bin also succeeded in 3, and Jin Sang-heon and Jeon Jin-seon also posted 2 each. Jeon Byung-seon also scored 1 block. The team also had a 15-6 advantage in effective blocking. Jeon Jin-sun and Cha Ji-hwan set up a high blocking wall, recording 5 and 4 respectively.When it came to defense, Kwak Myung-woo and the attackers were also stable. Kwak Myung-woo and Kang Jung-min sortied for this tournament. Lee Min-gyu underwent surgery to remove bone fragments on his knee last month and is concentrating on rehabilitation.Coach Ogino also emphasized ‘a sense of challenge’ to the players. Cha Ji-hwan said, “I like challenges. Even while he was playing, he told me that if he didn’t challenge himself, he wouldn’t grow. Even if he gets blocked or makes a mistake, if the skill part came out better, he applauded for doing well. As these challenges accumulate, I think my skills have improved,” he explained. “When attacking, he tells me in detail which course to hit.”Counterattack play is especially important. If you fail to form a rally knot after successfully defending against an opponent’s attack, you will have no choice but to counterattack on the contrary. That one difference can make the difference between winning and losing. OK Financial Group also focused on strengthening blocking and dig, and announced a new start by maximizing attack power, which is an advantage.






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