Unprecedented path… Typhoon ‘Kanun’ is strong but stays for a long time

The path of Typhoon ‘Kanun’ is so unusual that it is difficult to find a precedent.

The only similar typhoon is Typhoon Judy from 34 years ago먹튀검증.

It is an analysis that this typhoon’Kanun’ is strong and its path is more threatening.

Kim Jae-hoon is a meteorological reporter.


Typhoon ‘Kanun’, which made a U-turn while heading to China and suddenly changed its direction in Japan and came up to the Korean Peninsula


The only similar typhoon is Typhoon ‘Judy’ 34 years ago.

Typhoon Judy, which occurred at the end of July 1989, touched Kyushu, Japan, landed on the south coast, and passed through Honam to the West Sea.

At the time, more than 300mm of heavy rain poured down on the southern coast, and a total of 119.2 billion won in property damage occurred nationwide.

Typhoon ‘Kanun’ brings stronger rain and wind than ‘Judy’.

When Typhoon ‘Judy’ landed on the Korean Peninsula, the central wind speed was 23 m/s.

This typhoon’Kanun’ is expected to land with a maximum wind speed of 35m per second in the center.

The water temperature in the South Sea is around 29 degrees, 2 degrees higher than normal, which is a good condition to maintain typhoon power.

This is because the longer the typhoon stays inland, the more rain and wind it can accumulate.

<Woo Jin-gyu / Meteorological Administration Notification Officer> “The forecast is being made in a rather slow form. It is judged that it is very important for the public to pay special attention to safety when typhoons pass through.”

The Korea Meteorological Administration said that all areas of the country would be affected by typhoons, so there is no safe place, and asked for thorough preparation.






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