“I can’t eat it after I know it”…the identity of the drink shot by a McDonald’s employee in the United States

An employee working at McDonald’s in the United States attacked the company’s ‘ Sweet Tea ‘ drink.

According to the New York Post on the 7th (local time), a McDonald’s employee working under the nickname Gia2bad on TikTok shared a video of making sweet tea and emphasized that consumers should stay away from the product for health.

In the video released on the day, about 4 pounds (about 1.8 kg) of sugar is put into a teapot from a bag to make sweet tea.

A McDonald’s employee who posted the video said, “Sweet Tea has a lot more sugar than most customers think.

The video became a hot topic online from the morning of the 7th (local time) and recorded more than 1.3 million views on TikTok.

The reaction of TikTok users who watched the video was also hot. In the video, “I’ve been watching this video for hours”, “Isn’t it tea with sugar rather than sugar in tea?”, “I don’t think I’ll ever eat it once I know the recipe”, “Diabetes bomb What’s the difference between drinking it as is?” Comments such as토토사이트

However, some users refute that the sweet tea recipe is different for each McDonald’s branch, and that in reality there is not that much sugar.

Regarding this, the New York Post said that it contacted McDonald’s to hear its position, but did not receive a response.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time McDonald’s sweet tea drinks have been on the cutting board.

In May of last year, an employee who worked at McDonald’s in the United States shot sweet tea and said, “I have often drank sweet tea, but I never drink it after knowing the recipe.”

“Sweet tea is made in-store, and it costs several pounds of sugar,” she says. “The only drink that all the staff recommends customers to stay away from is sweet tea.”

Also, her co-workers agreed with her remarks, saying, “I learned how to make sweet tea while working at McDonald’s when I was a teenager, but somewhere I couldn’t even talk.”






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