“Gather seed money by living 300 won a day”… Became a farmer rolling hundreds of millions of stocks

“I have about 520 pyeong of land in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do, and I have invested a meaningful amount of 9-10 figures in overseas stocks in the US, China and Japan.” After voluntarily leaving a global conglomerate at the age of 39, Mr. Yuk (44), a fire ( Financial Independence , Retire Early, Early Retirement) family

managing hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in a ‘house with a yard’, recently held a ‘Single Fire’ at his home in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province. He said this in an interview with Manager Yuk explained, “Last year, the dividend was a bit small because of Corona 19 ( COVID-19 ), but I still get about 17 to 20 million won in income every year.” “YouTube revenue is negative (-) compared to our efforts, but there is income derived from instructor work,” he said. When asked why he decided to retire early, Manager Yuk said, “I decided to (retire early) in my early and mid-30s. I’ve never thought of continuing to work until I retire (retirement age).”

Chief Yuk emphasized the importance of seed mone토토사이트y (seed money) several times on this day. He practiced ‘living a day on 300 won’ for three years for seed money .

Manager Yuk said, “I am a coffee addict, so I have to drink two cups of coffee a day, but at that time, the vending machine coffee was 150 won.”

At the same time, he said, “I think I have collected more than 80% of my total annual salary during this period,” and “I usually say that the seed money standard is 100 million won.” Then he said, “It’s not fun when you put in 10 million won and get 5%. But if you have 10 billion won, it becomes 500 million won.”

Director Yuk introduced the investment portfolio and said, “20% in domestic stocks and 80% (invested) in overseas.” He went on to say that “(of foreign stocks) is half the US, followed by China, Japan and Vietnam.” At the same time, he explained that he pursues a ‘first-

class strategy’ in consideration of trends . He said, “Sony has caught up with Samsung, but Sony is still the number one in the field of image sensors. If autonomous driving rises, image sensors will have no choice but to go along with it.” Director Yuk also said, “I have more than 100 stocks overseas,” and “I am one of the people who sees that if capitalism continues to grow, the top line will inevitably expand.” He continued, “It was said that it was a diversified investment, but in the case of semiconductor ETFs (exchange funds), (investment amount) is in billions,” he said. He said, “In terms of yield, China’s BYD is the highest at over 400%, and Nvidia has contributed the most in terms of amount.” Director Yuk said, “My wife and I spend about 1.5 million won a month on living expenses without any additional items. Assuming that we live to be 100 years old, I think that level of not having to worry about (living expenses) is financial freedom.






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