10 people trying to open the emergency door of an airliner during flight… Arrested indictment for ‘acute methamphetamine poisoning’

 A teenage man who was handed over to the prosecution on charges of attempting to forcibly open the door in an operating airliner was handed over to trial.

The man stayed in the treatment detention center for a month and received an evaluation for drug addiction.

The Incheon District Prosecutor’s Office’s drug crime special investigation team (Chief Prosecutor Kim Yeon-sil) announced on the 11th that it had arrested and indicted A (18) on charges of violating the Aviation Security Act and the Narcotics Control Act.

Group A is accused of attempting to forcibly open the door on a Jeju Air passenger plane that departed from Cebu Airport in the Philippines at 5:30 am on June 19 and entered Incheon International Airport. He is also accused of taking drugs while staying in Cebu, Philippines for about a month.

On the 7th of last month, the prosecution held an appraisal at the National Legal Hospital (formerly Gongju Treatment Center) in메이저놀이터 Gongju City, Chungcheongnam-do to assess drug addiction and mental and physical disorder in Group A.

As a result, group A was found to have suffered temporary delusions of relationships at the time of the crime due to ‘acute methamphetamine poisoning’ caused by overdosing methamphetamine for a short period of time. However, Group A is said to be maintaining a normal mental state.

On the day of the crime, it was confirmed that group A tried several times to open the emergency door after showing abnormal behavior, complaining of pain, saying, “I feel stuffy in my chest,” about an hour after takeoff.

Group A, before being questioned by the suspect prior to arrest (warrant review), was asked by reporters, “Didn’t you think it would be dangerous to open the emergency door?” Previously, after the prosecution received the case from the Incheon International Airport Police on June 23 , they additionally confiscated and analyzed the smartphones and tablet PCs

that Group A possessed when entering the country in order to clarify the motive of the crime. As a result of the investigation, it was confirmed that group A had administered methamphetamine twice in the Philippines between June 8 and 19. It was also found that he searched for drugs or complained of anxiety symptoms to his acquaintances about a year ago. An official from the prosecution said, “Although Group A is a first-time offender, we considered the fact that even a minor poses a serious risk to the lives and bodies of the people.”






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