The Jamboree has just ended with ‘K-Pop’… “It’s a pity to retire early, but the beauty of the end”

Fortunately, the typhoon passed and the K-Pop concert먹튀검증, the last and highlight of the World Jamboree, was able to proceed as scheduled. By now, the event is all over and it is time for the members to go home, so let’s directly connect the reporter who went to the scene and ask how the atmosphere was today.

Reporter Cho Yoo-jin, I was worried about safety because it was an event where so many crew members gathered, but the event ended well, right?

Yes. The Jamboree K-Pop Concert, which was held at Sangam World Cup Stadium from 7:00 PM, has been going on without any accidents until now after 9:00 PM.

Now, the Jamboree members are leaving the venue and heading to their lodgings. About 40,000 members gathered at the last event of the Jamboree from 2:00 PM.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!”
“i love you!”

A series of scheduled Jamboree events were canceled due to weather conditions such as heat waves, but the members soothed the regret of leaving early with a K-pop concert.

Kim Eun-soo / Korea Crew
“It’s nice to see (members) after a long time…”

Net Reine / Finland Crew
“There were twists and turns, but today it ends with such a big concert.”

At today’s concert, 19 teams, including the groups New Jeans, Ive, and Mamamoo, took to the stage, and members from each country enjoyed the songs and dance moves of K-pop stars. 

Are all the Jamboree members leaving tomorrow?

Yes, there was a lot of concern as Typhoon Kanun hit the Korean Peninsula, but the last event ended safely as the intensity weakened in Seoul and the metropolitan area.

Now, the official schedule is over and the Jamboree members will return to their home countries starting tomorrow.

Some crew members will stay in Korea longer to complete additional schedules.

The government changed its plan to provide convenience only until tomorrow morning and decided to support lodging and transportation until all crew members leave the country.

More than 40,000 scouts from around the world made a promise to the next event, keeping their Korean cultural experiences, such as the heatwave in Saemangeum and K-pop performances, in their hearts. This is Jo Yoo-jin from TV

Chosun at the Sangam World Cup Stadium .






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