‘Endangered species level 2’ lioness, why did you choose to ‘kill’ rather than capture anesthesia?

 The female lion who was killed after escaping from a private ranch in Goryeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, chose to ‘kill’ rather than ‘anaesthetize’ because there was a private house nearby, such as a camping site, for fear of loss of life due to wrong anesthesia. it was found to be

According to Goryeong-gun and others on the안전놀이터 14th, the rescue authorities who dispatched to the place where the lion escaped from the cage that day contemplated over whether to be captured or killed, and decided to kill it.

This was because lions are predatory animals and there are camping grounds and private houses nearby, so if the anesthesia goes wrong, they can become more violent and lead to casualties immediately.

Immediately after the escape, 159 people and 34 pieces of equipment, including policemen from Goryeong-gun, the police and firefighters, and the Goryeong-gun Wildlife Damage Prevention Team, were put into the scene of the lion’s escape. Fortunately, the lion was found in the forest near the farm, and two shooters fired two bullets to kill the lion instantly.

The lion that escaped the cage that day was confirmed to be the International Endangered Species Level 2 ‘Panthera Leo ‘ . According to the Daegu Regional Environment Agency, the female lion who escaped from a private ranch in Goryeong and was killed in a nearby forest on the same day is an individual that has been registered as an

internationally endangered species (CITES), and is a subspecies of lions that live in West Africa, northern Central Africa, and India. is a very small number, less than 250.

The Daegu Environment Agency said, “The lion was reported as an internationally endangered species and was allowed to be raised privately, and the ranch was reported to have been raised and pumped in 2008.” If you receive it, you can raise even a lion.”

He added, “In the case of the ranch, I know that the last inspection was carried out around September of last year.”

Previously, at around 7:20 a.m. on the same day, a lioness about 20 years old escaped from a cage at a private ranch in Okgye-ri, Deokgok-myeon, Goryeong-gun, and was shot and killed in 1 hour and 10 minutes

. , and it was investigated that the breeding farmer raised it in the private sector after reporting it to the Environment Agency and going through legal procedures.

It was found that the accident occurred on this day when the farm manager entered the pen to clean and escaped through the open door. The lion cage made of iron is divided into two spaces and has a common space.

While the administrator opened the door to one of the two separate spaces and entered, the lion in the other space escaped through the common space.

The lions are fed outside the cage, but you have to open the door to clean.

This farm was leased by Mr. Kang to the land owner in August of last year, and the lion he was breeding was also taken over during the rental process.

It is said that the lions on this farm were bred 20 years ago when they were cubs, and were so docile that they acted cute and petted their heads.

The farm is located at 355m above sea level, and you have to climb the forest road for about 2km from the village. At the time of the incident, there was a camping site not far from the farm, and about 70 people were staying in 15 tents.

After the accident, the village head contacted the campground and requested an emergency evacuation, and from 7:40 am, campers evacuated to the nearby village hall by vehicle.

Fortunately, the lion did not move near the ranch and was killed by the police and rescue authorities, and the campers who had fled to the village hall returned to the campsite around 8:40 am that day.

The killed lion is currently being stored in the freezer of the Environmental Facility Management Aging Office, and the disposal of the body will be decided after discussion with the Daegu Regional Environmental Office.






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