Jamboree Concert Finale ‘Balloon’ Original Author Wrongly Written… “I need an apology”

The original author expressed discomfort over the song ‘Balloon’, which decorated the finale of the ‘K-Pop Super Live Concert’ held as the last event of the ‘2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree’.

At the K-Pop Super Live Concert held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the evening of the 11th, New Jeans, Ive, NCT Dream, ITZY , Mamamoo, The Boyz, etc. performed individually, and at the end they all performed a ‘balloon’. , ending the performance. ‘Balloon’ is a song released in 1986 by the band Five Fingers, and was also remade by the group TVXQ in 2006.

With this in mind, Lee Doo-heon, who was in charge of vocals and guitar in Five Fingers, posted on Facebook that day, “The Jamboree Super Concert finale song ‘Balloon’. Author’s permission? Aside from prior permission, the original song was TVXQ? Should I apologize for this? The origina먹튀검증l song is Five Fingers.” Lee Doo-heon is the original singer and lyricist of this song.

When you sing another singer’s song in a performance or broadcast, you do not necessarily need permission from the original author. However, there are not a few cases where permission is sought out of courtesy. The problem is the original song notation. On the live broadcast screen, the original composer of ‘Balloon’ was written as TVXQ. it’s obvious coming Korean Broadcasting System ( KBS ) sent the original song to TVXQ in a rerun on the afternoon of the 12th.

At the end of the article, Lee Doo-heon added, “I am not voluntary.” Previously, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism adjusted Ive’s schedule and belatedly decided to appear, and Kakao and Hive received 1 billion won each. 8When announcing the news that the souvenir worth 100 million won was delivered, he emphasized that it was “voluntary”.

The K-Pop Super Live Concert raised concerns due to frequent changes and hasty promotion, but fortunately it was held successfully. However, criticism that K-pop idols and agencies took care of the Jamboree, which was ruined by the government and local governments, could not be avoided.






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