7th year of the Moon Jae-in administration? President’s office “reckless disapproval” at the point of impediment at the Jamboree

President Yoon Seok-yeol praised the “2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree”, which caused a lack of preparation and poor management, saying, “It was completed smoothly,” and expressed gratitude to companies and먹튀검증 local governments.

At a meeting of senior secretaries presided over at the Presidential Office in Yongsan, Seoul on the 14th, President Yoon said, “For Korea, which has the highest economic dependence on foreign countries in the world, the national brand image is more important than anything else. Spokesperson Lee Do-woon said, “I am grateful to the religious community, businesses, universities, and various local governments who played a big role in protecting the national brand image by successfully finishing the Jamboree.” Following this, President Yoon also encouraged Prime Minister Han Deok-soo at a weekly meeting, saying, “The Jamboree was well finished with the Prime Minister at the center.” President Yoon did not mention an apology or accountability for the poor management of the Jamboree.

However, President Yoon’s key staff expressed strong displeasure at former President Moon Jae-in’s criticism of the Jamboree. When asked by reporters that day, “Former President Moon added to the criticism of the current government,” a key official in the presidential office quoted an editorial from the Munhwa Ilbo and said, “It is a red flag and we are paying attention to the evaluation (of the newspaper) of Huanmuchi.” Former President Moon posted on Facebook the day before, “I lost my national dignity and my pride due to the Saemangeum Jamboree. The shame has become the share of the people,” he wrote, “as the president at the time of hosting the Games, I convey my apology and consolation.”






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