Lee Jung-geun, chairman of Booyoung, gave another 100 million won to 10 elementary school alumni

Lee Jung-geun (82), chairman of the Booyoung Group, who gave up to 100 million won each to the residents of his hometown with his own money, recently gave an additional large amount to elementary school alumni.

According to Booyoung and others on the 15th, Chairman Lee Joong-geun deposited 100 million won each into his personal bank account for 10 alumni of Dongsan Elementary School in Suncheon from last month until recently. He is said to have put in the amount minus the tax. Last June, he delivered up to 100 million won each to 280 residents of Unpyeong-ri, Suncheon, his hometown, and 50 million won each to 160 elementary, middle and high school alumni토토사이트.

It is known that after the money was delivered at the time, it was known that some of the elementary school alumni were missing and paid additionally. Chairman Lee was born in Unpyeong-ri, Suncheon-si, and attended Dongsan Elementary School, Suncheon Middle School, and Suncheon High School.

The villagers are promoting the establishment of public funds to repay Chairman Lee. They are promoting a donation of 1% of the amount they receive. Jang Chan-mo, who served as the chairperson of the committee for the establishment of public funds, said, “We have not done anything to help, but since we received a big gift, we thought we should do something.”

Chairman Lee has been openly engaged in various donation activities. Recently, he also donated 10 billion won to the Air Force, where he served, saying, “I was sorry that I ate too much during my service.” An official from Booyoung said, “The amount donated so far at the company level reaches 1.1 trillion won, including goods.” Chairman Lee received a special presidential pardon on the 14th, the day before Liberation Day.






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