Surfing love affair in Goseong? Turns out, last year’s overseas video

A video reported by a broadcasting company that a couple

engaged in excessive affection in the sea of먹튀검증 ​​Goseong, Gangwon-do was actually revealed to be an overseas video that was known on social media last year .

JTBC ‘s ‘Chief of Incident’ recently reported a couple making love on a board on the sea under the title ‘Unfamiliar Surfer Lover’.

JTBC introduced the video as a report from a viewer, saying, “What are you doing in a place where there are children?”

However, the video in question was an overseas video that had already become a hot topic on Twitter last year.

The title of the original video uploaded by a Twitter on July 19 last year was ‘I tried using the phone zoom function’.

At the time, overseas internet media introduced the video as ‘a shameless couple’s sensational behavior’ and reported the reactions in the comments.

Meanwhile, the production team of JTBC’s case chief deleted the broadcast on YouTube after TV Chosun’s report.

JTBC said, “The informant mentioned a specific beach location, so we had no choice but to trust the information.”






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