“There was no one…” 30 billion disappeared in front of my eyes in 6 minutes 

Bank of Korea security area, when I passed through the three doors on one side of the building, a large number of cash appeared in front of my eyes. It was a bundle of 10,000 bills of 50,000 won. A bundle of 500 million won came up on the conveyor belt. After checking the weight and shape, the robot arm started stacking the moved bundles on the pallet.

After about six minutes, 60 wads of money were piled on the pallet. The conveyor belt moved again. 30 billion won disappeared right in front of my eyes. Since the cash was on the conveyor belt, no one has ever touched the wad of money. ’30 billion won disappeared in 6 minutes’ was not an accident. This is a scene of the ticketing process of the automated safe system that the Bank of Korea unveiled on the day.

Han Bank established an automated systemOn the 16th, the Bank of Korea held an automated safe system operation ceremony and disclosed the automated ticketing process. The Korea Minting Corporation and commercial banks have automated most of the process of depositing cash into and issuing cash from the Bank of Korea. When storing in the safe, simply place the cash on the conveyor belt and the whole process will be carried out automatically.

The automatic checker identifies and inspects the visual information and weight of the currency, and the palletizing robot automatically loads the stored currency on the pallet. The pallets that have been loaded are moved by a vertical conveyor. The pallets entered into the safe are loaded into the safe through an automated guided vehicle ( AGV ). In shipment, this process is reversed.

The Bank of Korea has been planning to introduce an automated safe system since 2017. Construction started in 2020. System development was handled by LG CNS . It is known that it cost hundreds of millions of won just to introduce the machine. It was on the 8th of this month that ticketing through the automated system began. In the process of building a new annex and remodeling the main building, the safe was also refurbished.

In the past, ticketing was largely a human task. The two inspected the currency with their own eyes, and the staff personally stacked it on the pallet. Moving had to use a forklift. Even if the size of the safe is large, it was difficult to stack the pallets in a location where the forklift arm could not reach.

“The introduction of the automated safe system has increased the automation rate from 40% to 70-80%,” said Kim Geun-young, head of 먹튀검증the issuance bureau at the Bank of Korea. The Bank of Korea also explained that since the introduction of the automated safe system, it has become possible to load to places where forklifts cannot reach, increasing the safe’s loading capacity by about 30%. If it is filled with only 50,000 won bills, it is a scale that can save tens of trillions of won.

A world without currency, was it necessary to expand the vault?Bank of Korea President Lee Chang-yong attended the start-up ceremony this morning and presented a plaque of appreciation to LG CNS . Governor Lee asked his staff to “actively respond to the currency supply and demand conditions and the bustling distribution environment so that people do not have any inconvenience in using currency and economic activities.”

However, some point out that it was necessary for the BOK to invest its budget to build a large-scale safe in a situation where the use of currency is declining. In a situation where a world without currency becomes a reality and the development of central bank digital currency ( CBDC ) is also being promoted, it is pointed out that the system that has been built with great effort can become useless if the use of real cash plummets.

Regarding this question, Director Kim Geun-young said, “It is true that the use of money is decreasing, but I believe that it cannot be completely eliminated because it has the essential function of real money.” did.






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