Incumbent coast guard ‘arrested’ for strangling his girlfriend after an argument

An incumbent maritime police officer who killed a woman he was dating after an argument in the bathroom of a shopping mall in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province and attempted to cover up the crime has been arrested by the police.

On the 18th, the Mokpo Police Station arrested Police Officer A (30) of the Mokpo Maritime Police Station, who was arrested on suspicion of murder. The Mokpo Branch of the Gwangju District Court issued an arrest warrant, saying, “There is a concern that he may flee.”

Mr. A is accused of strangling and killing her girlfriend in the bathroom of a shopping mall building in Mokpo City between 3:20 am and 3:50 am on the 15th.

It was confirmed that Mr. A committed the crime after an argument while drinking with his girlfriend at a restaurant in the shopping mall.

At the police, Mr. A is said to have stated, “There were frequent 먹튀검증quarrels with her girlfriend, who was dating her, and on the day of the incident, she was momentarily angry and killed her.”

Immediately after the crime, Mr. A calculated the money for her food, and she went back to the mall bathroom and stayed there until around 5:30 am before escaping through the window.

The victim was found by mall officials at around 6:00 a.m. on the same day as if she had died suddenly while vomiting with her head toward her toilet. Given that the victim’s cause of death is presumed to be ‘suffocation due to strangulation’, the police believe that Mr. A tried to cover up the incident and are continuing the investigation.

Mr. A was caught in a motel room on the afternoon of the day of the incident.

Mr. A attended the interrogation of the suspect before arrest (examination of warrant validity) held at the Mokpo Branch of the Gwangju District Court this morning and briefly said, “I’m sorry.”

The Mokpo Coast Guard plans to determine the level of disciplinary action against Mr. A after observing the results of the police investigation.






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