Hapjeong Station on Subway Line 2, another ‘weapon riot’… Two injured, a man in his 50s arrested

A man in his 50s who brandished a weapon to citizens on a train on Seoul Subway Line 2 was arrested by the police먹튀검증.

The Seoul Mapo Police Station said it had arrested a man in his 50s on charges of injuring two people by wielding a weapon on a subway line 2 train heading from Hongik University Station to Hapjeong Station.

It is known that this man injured two men in their 20s with a weapon he had put in his bag at around 12:38 pm today (19th).

Two men suffered abrasions, and one of them was taken to the hospital. 

An official from the Seoul Transportation Corporation said, “There was a report that a man on the train at Hapjeong Station had a weapon, so station staff, sheriffs, and police mobilized to get the passenger off the train.” 

Recently, following the Sillim Station and Seohyeon Station, the citizens’ anxiety is growing as another violent incident with a weapon takes place. 






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