Water bomb again in the metropolitan area next week? Nervous at the prospect of a ‘second rainy season’ 

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◇Anchor> Not too long ago, a typhoon passed through the Korean Peninsula in August. Is there any chance of a typhoon coming in the future?

◆Reporter> First of all, there are no more typhoons in the South Sea right now, and from the current perspective, there is no current danger of typhoons in Korea. However, if you look at it now, if a typhoon is being created, there is a possibility that a typhoon will come up in our country. This is because the path of the typhoon is now open.

◇Anchor> Is the road open for typhoons?

◆Reporter> Let me explain, because the North Pacific high pressure is contracting somewhat like this right now. So, it has been raining often lately. The reason for this is that as we approached the edge of the North Pacific High, the atmosphere became very unstable, resulting in heavy showers. So it seems that there will be frequent showers this weekend and even on holidays. In this case, since the typhoon moves along the edge of the North Pacific High, there is a possibility that it will move north like this if a typhoon is created along the edge. And even if a typhoon is created and doesn’t come up, the weather map I’m showing you is the situation먹튀검증 for next week. There is also a possibility of entering a second rainy season next week. Some models simulate the formation of rain clouds around the central region.

◇Anchor> Is that the forecast weather map for next week?

◆Reporter> It’s the middle of next week.

◇Anchor> The second rainy season is coming next week.

◆Reporter> First of all, the possibility of a second rainy season, some experts see it that way again.

◇Anchor> They say it might rain at the end of this month.

◆Reporter> First of all, the second rainy season is like the rainy season front. And to the south, there is rather warm air due to the North Pacific High. Then, between them, rain clouds are created like a rainy season front. This is a phenomenon in which long rain clouds made like this rainy season sweep up and down from the central region, and rain continues for a long time like the rainy season. In the rainy season, every second chapter, and every autumn chapter, these words come out. First of all, you will have to go after next week to be accurate, but you may remember this second rainy season last year, but Gangnam Station was flooded.

◇Anchor> It rained heavily at the end of August.

◆Reporter> There was great damage due to torrential rain in August. And if this situation leads to torrential rain again, it is necessary to prepare in advance because it can lead to great damage.






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