A 30-year-old office worker who drank the liquid in a paper cup on her desk thinking it was water and became a ‘vegetative person’

An office worker in his 30s drank hydrofluoric acid in a paper cup on his office desk, thinking it was water, and fell into a state of ‘brain death’ without waking up for two months.

According to the police and the victim’s family on the 20th, an accident occurred around 4:00 pm on June 28 when a female worker in her 30s drank a solution containing hydrofluoric acid at a mid-sized company.

She said that Mr. A was in charge of examining materials related to optical lenses in the company’s inspection room.

On the day of her accident, Mr. A, who usually pours water into her paper cup, found a paper cup on her desk after a microscopic examination, and she drank it without question.

However, what was contained in the paper cup was not water but a colorless, toxic solution containing hydrofluoric acid. It was confirmed that this solution, which is mainly used as a cleaning agent, was poured into a paper cup for inspection by a colleague at work.

Mr. A, who drank her solution, was taken to the hospital in a state of cardiac arrest. Mr. A, who underwent dialysis treatment with an artificial heart-lung device to remove the toxic solution in her body, her pulse and breathing returned to normal.

However, she has not regained her consciousness to this day먹튀검증, 52 days after the incident.

Mr. A’s husband told Yonhap News, “Her wife is still unconscious and has been judged to be a vegetative person, but she is waiting for a miracle now.” said.

Police said eyewitness statements and CCTVBased on the above, the investigation is focused on intentionality and negligence, but so far no intention to harm Mr. A has been found.

However, the police are checking related laws and reviewing legal principles to see if the management of toxic substances has been neglected.

A police official said, “We are investigating the company on charges of negligence in business and violation of the Chemical Substances Management Act.”






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