“Baek Kang-hyeon X idiot” at Chinta Gallery..’School Violence/Bullying’ Dad Revealed

At the age of 10, he entered Seoul Science High School and recently dropped out, Kang-hyeon Baek’s father claimed that Baek had been ‘bullied’ at school.

On the morning of the 21st, Mr. A, the father of Baek-gun, revealed먹튀검증 the damage through his YouTube channel, saying that the reason Baek-gun dropped out was because of ‘school violence’.

” XX who doesn’t know how to do anything ” Treated as an invisible person
In the video, Mr. A said, “Kang Hyun-yi said that since May of this year (from his classmates), ‘You are here at this school is to deceive people,’ he said two or three times a week.” I lost and became depressed.”

He also claimed that his classmates, who were in the same group as Baek in the group assignment, treated Baek as an ‘invisible person’, saying things like, “If Kang Hyeon is present, it is as if there is no one.” In addition , a post titled ” Baek Kang-hyun X stupid XXXX , XX who doesn’t know how to do anything ” was posted

on ‘DC Inside Jintta Gallery’, and he considered convening a school violence committee and filing a complaint with the police cybercrime unit, but the teachers did not persuade him to put it into action. Mr. A also said that Baek, who was 27kg when he entered school in March, is now only 22kg due to bullying.

Father “The perpetrators apologized yesterday… and decided to forgive”
However, Mr. A said, “I received a formal apology from the perpetrators yesterday and decided to forgive them,” and said, “I will not raise a problem with the (perpetrator) student.”
Mr. A argued that the decisive reason why Baekgun, who endured bullying, had no choice but to drop out was because of the school’s response .

He said, “I tried to continue my studies despite the pain, but the request that ‘Kang Hyun-yi should be able to present only in team assignments’ was not accepted because ‘the system cannot be changed because of one person. Kang Hyun-yi must adapt to the system’.” It was explained as the actual reason for dropping out.

He pointed out, “If you only emphasized the school system of ‘if you can’t endure it, get out’, why did you select a 10-year-old in the first place?

In the video that day, Mr. A also released a captured copy saying that he had received an apology email from his ‘senpai mom’ saying, “I hurt you greatly with a very big mistake.” Previously, in another video on the 20th, Mr. A announced that he would expose the school violence suffered by Baek, saying that he had received unfounded slander and threatening emails from the same school’s senior mom’.

Meanwhile, in 2016, when he was 41 months old, Goon Baek appeared on SBS ‘ ‘Gifted and Talented Exploration Team’ and became a hot topic by revealing his outstanding talent in mathematics and music.






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