The ‘knives’ who killed her sleeping husband… The reason for his sudden death

Knife fighting phobia… Korea became a ‘crime city’

On July 21st, at 2:07 pm, a 33-year-old Chosun (33) riot with a weapon near Exit 4 of Sillim Station on the Seoul Subway killed one person and injured three others. Even before the shock of this incident was over, on the 3rd, Choi Won-jong (22) again staged a riot with a weapon against unspecified citizens at a department store in Seohyeon Station, Bundang, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. In the process, he killed one person and injured 13 others using a vehicle and a weapon. On the morning of the 17th, on a hiking trail near Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, a woman without a face was assaulted and sexually assaulted by Choi (30) with a knuckle and fell unconscious. She eventually died on the 19th.

After this ‘don’t ask me knife’ incident, more than 400 articles were recently confirmed online foretelling that they would commit similar crimes. Nearly half of those who post ‘murder notice’ are said to be teenagers. As the people fell into a panic at the frightening expression of the flesh spreading like a trend, the police even declared an unprecedented ‘special security activity’. The police said on the 18th that they arrested 173 people who wrote the murder notices posted online and arrested 20 people.

Even now, don’t ask me, the fear of being stabbed was still the same. The victims, who were caught up in the terrible bloodshed at the time, are living the given time in silence, not yet figuring out what they did wrong or where the problem came from. Of course, this is a story when they were ‘survivors’.

11 years ago today, in Suwon, ‘don’t ask me weapon riot’

Eleven years ago, around midnight on August 21, 2012, a tragedy without a ‘causal relationship’ occurred in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province. On this day, the cries mixed with screams of those who were stabbed with a weapon for no reason and lost their loved ones resonated everywhere.

Kang (39 years old at the time) was sentenced to 7 years in prison for committing sex crimes twice in 2005 and was released from Gunsan prison in July 2012. He was living in a rehabilitation facility in Suwon.

At around 9:50 p.m. the day before the crime, he entered a bar in Pajang-dong, Jangan-gu, ordered a bottle of liquor (120,000 won) and fruit snacks (40,000 won) worth 160,000 won, and paid 200,000 won for 4 books of 50,000 won. He was very drunk.

However, when the landlady refused to give change, saying that it was 210,000 won including service charge, an argument ensued, and Mr. Kang reported the landlady to 112 at around 11:41 pm.

At that time, the Nosong police box employee who received the 112 report went to the bar and intervened by returning 20,000 won and dropped Kang off at the wavelength market. The police explained, “The police officer who was dispatched at the time did not inquire about his criminal record because Mr. Kang was the reporter.”

Tragedy happened after that. Because he was drunk and the alleyway was dark, Mr. Kang, who had gone into another bar, tried to rape an unrelated mistress, but when he failed, he brandished a weapon. Afterwards, two customers who entered the bar were also stabbed with a weapon.

At the time, Mr. Kang said, “I went into a convenience store and bought a fruit in order to get my 20,000 won change back and to punish my mistress. She went around looking for the tavern, but she was drunk and couldn’t find it.

His sword fighting did not stop there. Kang then broke into a detached house in Jeongja-dong, 500 meters away, and stabbed Koh, his wife, and Koh’s son. It was because the front door was open in the morning. At that time, the three family members who were sleeping at home became victims of the weapon riot and lost their husband and father. All of this was a tragedy that happened in just 12 minutes.

Survivors “I want to ask why they did this to good people”

On December 12 of that year, at the trial held at the hearing of the 11th Criminal Division of the Suwon District Court (presiding judge Lee Dong-hoon), the wife of Mr. Ko, who was killed by a weapon wielded by Mr. Kang, appeared as a witness for the prosecution and said, “Mr. He claimed that “the only purpose was to kill.”

Kang’s assertion that he had no intention of murdering because the house was dark at the time, and that he could not see well, refuted, saying, “The lights on the floor were on, and I clearly saw Mr. Kang’s short hair coming through the front door even when the lights were off.”

“My son is still resting at home after losing his job due to his arms being stabbed dozens of times, and I am still receiving psychiatri먹튀검증c treatment,” she said. “I really want to ask him why he did this to good people.”

Mr. Goh’s son, who was watching this from the audience, also lowered his head and sighed, as if recalling the terrible situation at the time.

Mr. Kang, who sat in the defendant’s seat, closed his eyes and pressed his lips firmly throughout Ko’s wife’s testimony.

Was the sudden death a ‘penalty’… Mr. Kang, who died while being transported to the detention center hospital

Four days after that, Mr. Kang was transferred to Dongsuwon Hospital with symptoms such as pale face and vomiting in the prison cell in the detention center, but died suddenly at 10:46 am during the transfer.

Kang, who was imprisoned in a 4-person room, did not show any specific symptoms when the guards went to inspect him at 9:00 am that day.

In this regard, the result of Kang’s autopsy announced by the Suwon Detention Center on January 23, 2013 was ‘death by drug shock’.

In the autopsy report sent to the detention center, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation said, “Even if two or more drugs are taken together, the effect is increased by interaction, and the shock caused by this is judged to have affected death.”

Mr. Kang, who was imprisoned in Suwon Detention Center in August of that year, could not sleep on time, so he took zolpidem (a cure for insomnia) with the help of family members he visited. I took cold medicine together. He was reported to have taken cold medicine three times a day and zolpidem twice a day.

The detention center handed over his body to his family after an autopsy by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation.






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