250 tons sold out in an instant… Gumisan’s ‘frozen gimbap’ is the secret to making a big hit in the US

Frozen gimbap made by a new food company headquartered in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do is creating a sensation in the US market. It’s been less than a month since the release, and it’s sold out everywhere. Kimbap, which was mainly sold at Korean marts, hit the jackpot when it met with a large local distribution channel.

According to related industries on the 22nd, ‘Allgot’, a kimbap manufacturer founded in 2020, started local sales earlier this month through Trader Joe’s in the United States, and frozen gimbap is gaining great popularity. The initial batch of 250 tons containing hundreds of thousands of gimbap was sold out (completely sold) in an instant. We are currently preparing for the second delivery.

Tofu instead of meat… Popular as a plant-based healthy foodThe product name is ‘Kimbap ‘ in Korean. Below that, an introductory phrase was inserted in English: ‘Korean style rice with tofu and vegetables, seaweed rolls’. The price토토사이트 is $3.99 (about 5,400 won).

The All Soon side said, “The texture was maintained by rapid freezing at minus 45 degrees Celsius, and a row of gimbap was divided into three parts and placed in a plastic container. In this way, convenience is also increased, which is the secret of popularity.” In Korea, 10 types of products such as beef bulgogi, tuna, and mayo gimbap are sold through SSG.com and Coupang .

In the local area, he quickly became famous after posting a video of him eating gimbap on social media ( SNS ). A TikTok video in which a Korean-American introduced a frozen gimbap recipe in English received 770,000 likes and 3,600 comments within six days. Requests to prevent the out-of-stock crisis flooded in, saying, “Trader Joe’s employees must watch this video.” There are also mukbangs where you can break an egg into gimbap and fry it in a frying pan, or enjoy it with Korean ramen, such as hot chicken stir-fried noodles. Even sold out and waiting videos are a hot topic. I went to the mart, but there was only an empty freezer, and I waited for a newly delivered box of gimbap and bought 10 at once. Other Americans who have seen this complain that it is sold out every time I go.

Trader Joe’s operates more than 560 stores across the United States. German supermarket chain Aldi acquired it in 1979. Aldi is a global distribution company that operates more than 12,400 stores in Europe, Asia and Australia. Kim Hee-chul, head of the marketing department of the sales management team, said, “We will be invited to the German food fair where Aldi headquarters is located, and we will exhibit frozen kimbap in October. Sales can also be expanded to Europe.”

Not just straight up. Frozen gimbap manufactured by ‘people who make fortune’ (Bokmansa) in Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do recently entered the British market. Local governments are working with local agricultural corporations to pave the way for K- gimbap exports. This is in line with plans to expand sales of local produce to more countries while supporting overseas tasting events.

Bokmansa’s frozen gimbap is scheduled to be sold at H- Mart in the UK in the size of 10 tons (worth $15,000). Park Jong-doo, head of the agricultural products distribution department at Hadong-gun Office, said, “The more exports, the more profitable local farmers are, so we are encouraging the sale of processed foods.”






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