“I am 38 years old, my Uzbek wife is 18 years old”… 40 million won marriage ‘noisy’

The story of a 38-year-old man was told that he was deeply troubled after marrying an 18-year-old woman from Uzbekistan who was 20 years younger than him.

On the 23rd, an anonymous community for office workers, ‘Blind’, posted an article saying that a man spent about 40 million won to marry an 18-year-old woman from Uzbekistan.

According to Mr. A, the 38-year-old born in 1985 married an 18-year-old Uzbek woman born in 2005. He added that when his wife comes to Korea, she will be staying at Mr. A’s apartment.

However, Mr. A said, “I have a lot of worries about how to live with a wife who is like a daughter with a lot of dreams.”

He added, “(The prospective wife) is of an age where she can get married locally, and the domestic marriage registration is next year, so there is no problem.”

Mr. A said, “I paid a total of 40 million won for the international marriage,” and “I paid 25 million won to the matchmaker. Instead of giving 6.5 million won, which is 5,000 dollars in dowry, to the parents of the bride, he promised not to help his wife after that.”

When some raised the controversy of ‘marriage by sale’, Mr. A said, “Why is it crazy when you say you’re getting married because you like me? I didn’t buy it, and I didn’t sell it, so why are you talking nonsense about buying and selling?”

According to the results of the ‘International Marriage Brokerage Survey’ announced by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family last year, the average time from dating to marriage was only 5.7 days. Korean spouses paid an average of 13.72 million won in brokerage fees.

The fee paid by the foreign spouse was only 690,000 won. The age of Korean spouses was mostly in their 40s and 50s (81.9%), but the majority of foreign spouses were in their 20s (79.5%).

However, the controversy over ‘marriage for sale’, which was raised by some, arose when the story of a Korean husband who married through an international marriage brokerage continued to use harsh words and abusive language toward his foreign wife.

Ministry of Gender Equality, Investigation of Marriage Brokerage Business… “International Marriage Fee Check”

Accordingly, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family안전놀이터 will conduct a ‘2023 marriage brokerage business survey’ from the 23rd to the 31st of October.

The marriage brokerage business survey is a state-approved statistic that identifies the actual status of marriage brokerage businesses and users’ damage cases every three years. It identifies the current status and problems of marriage brokers and users to establish a desirable marriage culture, such as preventing users from harm. It is used as basic data for policy establishment for

This survey will be conducted targeting marriage brokers and users, and the results of the survey will be announced in the first half of next year.

In particular, this survey also included items to identify the status of brokerage fees by country to promote the task of creating a healthy international marriage environment included in the ‘4th Multicultural Family Policy Basic Plan (2023-2027)’.

In addition, as the cases of damage caused by the use of marriage brokerage have diversified, the type of damage has been subdivided, the cause and aspect of damage occurrence, and damage relief have been analyzed in depth, and the investigation items have been designed with an emphasis on preparing alternatives for damage prevention. .

As an on-site interview, surveyors plan to guide the survey by using an official letter from the Ministry of Gender Equality, a surveyor’s certificate, and a guide when visiting the sample target companies.

Lee Ki-soon, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, said, “We ask for the active participation of domestic and foreign marriage brokers and users so that the investigation can proceed smoothly as it will serve as the basis for related policies in the future.” We will promote institutional improvements to prevent damage to users and to establish a healthy marriage brokerage culture.”






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