A cafe customer who stayed longer than usual… ‘Surprised’ after watching CCTV at ‘strong feeling’

On the 10th, a cafe in Michuhol-gu, Incheon.

A little after lunchtime, around 1pm, a man wearing a hat came in and ordered a cup of coffee.

He had been a frequent customer before, but according to the day, he stayed longer than usual and ordered milk tea and beer.

[Mr. A/Café owner]
“I was there for about 4 hours. There were no customers today, so he said he would sit comfortably and leave, then I sat down and continued watching YouTube on my phone.”

In the cafe, there were only two male customers and the president, Mr. A, left.

However, Mr. A said that he suddenly had a strange feeling.

[Mr. A/Café owner]
“I was sitting and looking at my phone for a while, and I got a very strong feeling. So I just looked at the CCTV and thought, ‘What is it?’ , but he kept looking at me.”

The man was caught looking at Mr. A through a gap in the coffee machine with his body turned.

When Mr. A, who was surprised to see the video, captured the screen and sent it to his younger brother via SNS , his younger brother gave an unexpected answer.

[Mr. A/Café owner]
“My younger sister suddenly said, ‘What’s wrong with that 00 hand?’”

The CCTV showed that the man was committing an act of lewdness.

It lasted for about 4 hours, and when the man felt a presence, he pretended to look at his phone, paused for a while, and continued the act again.

Mr. A felt extreme fear and anxiety.

[Mr. A/Café owner]
“I couldn’t think of anything, but my stomach was shaking and my hands and feet were shaking. Fortunately, there was a regular sister스포츠토토 1 minute away, so she came…” The man

hurriedly I left the cafe.

Mr. A said that he had never experienced anything like this while running a cafe for 7 years.

It’s been two weeks since he called the police and he has yet to hear back that he has found the man.

[Mr. A/Café owner]
“I can’t know the current situation, and I have to worry that this person will come again…” The

police are tracking the man’s whereabouts based on CCTV footage.






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