Arrested man in his 20s who lured a minor to have sex in a depression gallery

A man in his 20s who lured a minor he met in an online community and had sex with has been arrested by the police.

The Seoul Dongjak Police Station announced on the 24th that it had arrested a 28-year-old male aunt for illegally filming the scene after having sex with a minor she met in the depression gallery in the Internet community DC Inside.

This man was found to have committed the crime even though he was registered as a sex offender after receiving a prison sentence for producing and distributing pornography of minors in the past.

According to the police, on January 17, 2021, Mr. Lee met먹튀검증 Miss A, then 15 years old, at the Depression Gallery, gave her trouble counseling, built a good impression, and then lured her to a motel to have sex (rape of a minor).

There is also a charge of filming sex scenes and the nude of Miss A (production of sexual exploitation under the Child and Youth Protection Act).

In March of the same year, Mr. Lee is also accused of sending obscene messages describing sexual intercourse and videos of sexual intercourse to Ms. A several times (obscenity using communication media).

In July, while investigating the ‘Shin Dae Bang Spam’ case in the depression gallery, the police received a report of another minor victim and started an investigation.

Police issued an arrest warrant and caught Lee in Gyeongju the day before.






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