‘National Singing Contest’ Spring and Autumn Warring States Period… General TV and YouTubers also jumped in

“Ding-dong-dang-dong~”, “National Singing Contest

!” that came out like an automatic reflection when hearing the familiar sound of the xylophone. If “Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bah~ Bah~” was added to this, it was ‘Gukrul’ (universally accepted rule) that they sang along with a high-pitched voice while adding a shoulder dance.

But recently, this landscape is changing. If you play “Ding-Dong-Dang-Dong~” to the younger generation, you can shout, “Everyone~ Sings well!” This is because the signal to announce the start of the program of the popular YouTube content ‘Everything is good at singing’, hosted by comedian Seyoon Moon, is to shout “Everything is good at singing”. It is evaluated that the popularity of KBS1’s

‘National Singing Contest’ , which has shared the joys and sorrows of the people for nearly 40 years, has faded unlike before. The National Singing Contest showed a good start with an audience rating of 9.2% in the first week when comedian Kim Shin-young took the new mic in October of last year. However, in two weeks, the viewership rate slowed down to 6%, and now it is staying at 5% this year. When the late Song Hae-sensei conducted it, it served as a ‘national alarm’ to wake up Sunday naps and consistently maintained around 10% viewer ratings, which is almost half the level. In the meantime, entertainment contents with similar concepts to the National Singing Contest are digging into the niche. The YouTube먹튀검증 channel ‘Everybody Sings Well’, presented by the content production company Studio Peanut Butter, is hosted by Mun Sae-yoon, who is famous for singing well among comedians. After being introduced in April of last year, ‘ MZ

It is known as the ‘National Singing Contest’. Recently, it has grown into a popular program where even famous celebrities scramble to invite singers. In October of last year, American singer Benson Boon, who dominated the Billboard charts, appeared in the Han River busking episode. The number of YouTube views alone reached 16.18 million as of the 24th. Including this, 28 out of 85 YouTube videos have exceeded 1 million views, and 30% of all videos have exceeded 1 million views.’Taegun Singing Contest’, co-produced by LG HelloVision , K-STAR, and HCN, is hosted by Na Tae-joo, a ‘Trot Taekwondo star’ who gained popularity through the TV Chosun audition program ‘ Mr. The regular program was organized in May last year. In particular, it is popular with ‘creepy ordinary people live’. The two MCs are known as trot singers to the middle-aged, and they appear in entertainment shows such as ‘Steel Troops’ and ‘Law of the Jungle’, which are preferred by young people, and add a survival type ‘wild beauty’ to the program to add a taste of ‘raw’. it’s flat He also has an excellent eye for penetrating talents that the camera couldn’t capture. Kim Myeong-jin’s ‘passing by mother’ in Gangjin, Jeollanam-do, surpassed 2.6 million views on YouTube, and the ‘baby mother who accidentally sang’ in Muan, who came out to take care of her daughter, also exceeded 1.26 million views.TV Chosun’s ‘Singing Korea’ , which was first broadcast last April, also changed its time zone from 7:50 p.m. It is evaluated that comedian Kim Jong-guk, who is also an MC and directing, plays a part. In the case of ‘Visit Preliminary’, MC Kim Jong-kook and One Plus One (singers Lee Byung-cheol and Kim Min-gyo) visit local traditional markets and famous tourist destinations to discover hidden talents and put them on the stage of the finals, capturing vivid images of various citizens. Singers Na Sang-do, Kim Yong-pil, and Hwang Min-ho from Mr. Trot 2 appeared as invited singers.Popular culture critic Gong Hee-jeong said, “While MC Kim Shin- young, who played many characters, couldn’t escape the image of ‘Sunday’s youngest daughter,’ MCs with their own characters, such as comedian Se-yoon Moon and singer Na Tae-joo, gave street performance content another taste to see. He said, “The middle-aged, who have grown into new cultural consumers in the last 1-2 years, pouring out their latent energy on the streets after the corona is also raising the plate for the street performance content market.”






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