Arrested red-handed criminal in his 50s who stabbed guests at the table next to the bar with a weapon… 1 death, 3 minor injuries

 The Yeongcheon Police Station in Gyeongbuk먹튀검증 Province arrested and investigated Mr. A (55) as a current criminal for allegedly killing one person and injuring three others by swinging a weapon at a bar on the 28th.

Mr. A is suspected of wielding a weapon at four people, including Mr. B (64), a resident of an apartment, at a pub in Geumho-eup, Yeongcheon-si, around 11:22 pm the previous day.

Mr. B was transferred to the hospital in a state of cardiac arrest, but died, and the other three residents are receiving treatment with minor or medium injuries.

The police said, “It seems that a woman who accompanied Mr. A got into a fight in the process of joining the victims, including Mr. B.”






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