‘Busan reconstruction largest fish’ Namcheon Samik general sale reduced and enlarged

Samik Beach Apartment in Namcheon-dong, Namcheon-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan’s reconstruction ‘biggest fish’, decided to promote one-to-one reconstruction by significantly reducing general sales and changing the design to center on large-scale acreage. As the development of apartments in the Namcheon-dong area continued, it seems that they tried to differentiate themselves with large flats.

According to the maintenance industry on the 28th, the Namcheon District 2 (Samik Beach Apartment) Reconstruction Maintenance Business Association (hereinafter referred to as the association) held a second briefing on the design plan for union members on the 20th. This was a place to explain the new design plan to the members after canceling the contract with the existing Ilshin Design & Architects Office and changing the design company to A&U Design Group Architects Office ( ANU ).

The core of the changed design was ‘large size’. The design plan of the existing Ilshin Design and Architects Office was to rebuild Samik Beach with 3300메이저사이트 households. When the contract with Ilshin Design was canceled and a new design company was invited, many companies said they would rebuild with 3100 to 3200 units. Among them, the ANU plan to rebuild with 3120 households was elected. However, as a result of coordinating opinions with the union, the number was further reduced to 3034 households. Considering that there are currently 3,000 union members, it is close to a one-to-one reconstruction with almost no general sales.

Basically, reconstruction makes the most of the floor area ratio. Among them, it is common to relieve the burden of members through general sales, except for a part of the member’s share. However, the Samik Beach Association focused on securing large-scale acreage rather than turning the surplus floor area ratio into general sales. In fact, as the design was changed, more than 40 pyeong of all households accounted for more than 70%.

An official from the association said, “Before discussing the design plan, we conducted a survey asking the members’ intentions, and there were many who wanted a large acreage even if they paid a little more for their contribution.” In the case of pyeongdae, we made it possible to see the view of Gwangan Bridge through a panoramic view, and the biggest feature is that we are trying to differentiate ourselves through specialization of household flats in 25 pyeong and 34 pyeong flats.”

In the maintenance industry, it is believed that the 30-pyeong unit is recognized as a ‘national level (national equilibrium)’ and is supplied in large quantities in the Namcheon-dong area, and that the Samik Beach Association has chosen the large size as a strategy to differentiate itself from neighboring apartments. An official from the association said, “All major complexes called landmarks in Seoul are increasing their value by reducing the size of the 30-pyeong and 40-pyeong platforms.”






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