‘Dad’s car’ that can’t use power… Sorento/Santa Fe used car market price ‘pop’ What happened?

It was found that the price of the Sorento and Santa Fe, which were popular in the used car market, plummeted with the launch of new cars. As a result of analyzing the market price based on transaction data for the past month of Sorento먹튀검증 (MQ4) and The New Santa Fe, the first

car of the used car platform released within two years on the 27th, the Sorento market price is the 2022 hybrid model HEV 1.6 2WD , whose shipment was continuously delayed. All fell except Gravity.

In particular, the 2022 HEV 1.6 2WD Prestige fell 4.8% in one month, showing the largest drop among all trims.

The 2021 gasoline 2.5 turbo 2WD Trendy fell 1.6%, forming a market price between 25.89 million won and 30.1 million won.

The New Santa Fe recorded a minimum of 32 million won as the 2022 diesel 2.2 2WD Exclusive plunged 4.3% from the previous month.

Gasoline and hybrid models of the same year also fell by 3.5% and 4.0%, respectively.

Interest in Sorento and Santa Fe has increased.

Looking at the first app user data as of the 2nd week of August, the search volume for Sorento increased by 37% and the number of applications for notification of listing increased by 126% compared to the previous week.

In the case of The New Santa Fe, the search volume increased by 52% compared to the previous week, and the number of applications for stock notification increased by 193%.

An official from the first car said, “Due to the news of the launch of new cars by Sorento and Santa Fe, the range of fluctuations in used market prices is increasing.”






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