Dog on leash in elevator… Rescuing a child from being blown away

A video was released in Brazil of a child rescuing a dog that almost choked on an elevator door with agile movements.

According to the Daily Mail on the 28th (local time), on the 23rd in Goenia, Brazil, Thiago Magellans (11) got into an elevator to go for a walk with his dog Milu.

In the video, Milu, who followed the boy into the elevator, was dragged to the floor as the leash got caught in the elevator door gap.

As the elevator started to move, the rope caught in the door was pulled and Milu was pulled up to the ceiling.

Surprised, Margelans threw himself and grabbed his leash안전놀이터, and as his leash broke, Margellans and Milu fell to the floor.

Due to Magellans’ nimble and courageous actions, Milu escaped the danger of suffocation by being clamped on his leash.

Magellans and Milu got out of the elevator safely.

In an interview with a Brazilian media, Magellans said that he felt frightened when he saw Milu dangling from the ceiling of the elevator, saying, “I don’t know where the courage came from. I followed the impulse,” he said.

The boy’s father said: “I was shocked to find out what had happened. It was a serious situation and could have been serious for his son and dog,” he said.






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