“If you don’t come to work three days a week, you’ll be fired.”

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company, is pressuring its employees to come to the office, even mentioning the possibility of layoffs.

According to the U.S. economic media outlet Inside on the 30th (local time), Amazon CEO Andy Jassy told employees at a recent internal event, “If you don’t follow the company’s attendance policy, it would be better to consider another job.”

“Returning to the office is a decision based on evaluating a variety of factors, including business outcomes,” he said. “There is little data to support an indefinite remote work policy, and we have had to make decisions based on limited토토사이트 data in the past.”

He continued, “Employees have the right to disagree and criticize the company’s decision to return employees to the office, but they do not have the right to ignore the policy. Employees who cannot accept the company’s policy appear less likely to remain at Amazon.” He said.

His comments are due to the fact that Amazon has been requiring employees to come to work three days a week since last May after working from home during the COVID-19 period, but this is not being followed well.

Last May, 1,000 employees went on strike, claiming that the three-day work week was a “rigid and uniform order,” and the company reportedly began tracking employees’ attendance records.

Amazon, which recently opened a second headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, last month notified workers working in small offices or remotely to move to offices in large cities such as San Francisco, New York, and Texas.

Accordingly, employees who have to relocate to their residences to work in big cities are reportedly considering resigning in protest.

Previously, Google warned in June that “if this is not observed, it may be reflected in personnel evaluations” as the ‘3-day work week’ policy, which has been implemented since April of last year, was not properly observed.






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