“I took off my pants and begged for a ride, it was so humiliating”… Hyeri and Soda are furious over abuse of power by U.S. airlines

Celebrities who used American airlines have become a hot topic by exposing unfair treatment.

On the 31st of last month, Hyeri posted on Instagram, “I made a reservation a month and a half in advance and even assigned seats in advance, but I was downgraded to economy because there were no first class seats.”

It was revealed that the airline Hyeri used was Delta Air Lines. Hyeri said, “The airline doesn’t give you a refund and if you don’t like your seat, you have to go on the next flight.” She said, “I even booked two seats, so how can I downgrade them both?”

She added: “It was such an outrageous experience. Please be careful먹튀검증.”

DJ Soda was in trouble before boarding an American Airlines domestic flight in April last year because of his pants with profanity written on them. Soda said, “Yesterday, after performing in New York, I boarded a plane to Los Angeles (LA), but I was kicked out right before departure. They told me to take all my luggage with me without even giving me a reason, and at the entrance to the plane, they said my pants were uncomfortable and asked me to take another flight. ” “I told him to get on it,” he said.

At the time, the soda pants had profanity written in English. It is said that he was only able to board the plane after Soda turned his pants inside out.

Soda said, “I had a broken finger, so I took off my pants very uncomfortable. I also took off my pants at the entrance of the plane while everyone was watching.






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