“Are you wearing a bra?” Teacher, who was poking me in the chest, how are you?

As the issue of violation of teaching rights rose socially and teachers across the country took to the streets, a woman who said her human rights were trampled due to sexual harassment and indiscriminate corporal punishment suffered by her teacher in the past worried about the positions of both teachers and students.

On the 3rd, in an online community, a 40-year-old woman who said she was now a mother of an elementary school child recalled her memories of being subjected to severe corporal punishment and sexual harassment by a teacher in the past.

First, Ms. A revealed that she worked as a teacher at an academy before getting married. She said that she had been assaulted by her homeroom teacher since she was 13 years old, and that she was beaten until she lost her mind. She received severe corporal punishment. He complained that he was left defenseless.

Mr. A said, “I, who was on duty that day, was called out and beaten for leaving a mop on the teacher’s table. I lost consciousness and when I opened my eyes, I was in the nurse’s office. I was so scared of the teacher and embarrassed myself that I couldn’t even tell my parents at the time. “It was unfair because there were no people who would come into the school asking, ‘Why did you hit my daughter?’, but I got rid of it on my own,” he said.

Ms. A then recalled the nightmare-like day of sexual assault and sexual harassment she suffered. He said, “At that time, her homeroom teacher smoked a lot in the classroom and sexually harassed her a lot. He swept the female student’s back with his palm and asked, ‘Are you wearing a bra?’ She smiled 안전놀이터sinisterly. But she said the teacher’s behavior was so natural that she didn’t even know she was being molested. He also poked her in the chest with a long stick she was carrying and quietly walked up to her and grabbed her by the back of her neck. “It was a catch,” she recalled.

He also said, “But when the boys touched the girls, they slapped the boys’ cheeks or even hit them with the slippers they were wearing when their hands hurt, and the classroom was filled with fear.” He added, “I couldn’t even breathe. I don’t know why they hit me like that back then… The teacher took the lead in picking on students who couldn’t study. “They called me Dol-head,” he said, testifying to the harsh times.

She said she was curious about what the teacher was thinking about the current situation in which violation of teaching rights has emerged as a social problem. Mr. A said, “I don’t know if you are still in the school. If you were still in school, you would have become a vice principal or principal. I think about it more often these days,” and “Even back then, when it wasn’t a problem for a teacher to beat a student to death, it wasn’t normal, and the student was a teacher. “Even now, when parents are ignoring and suing teachers, it’s still not normal,” he sighed.

He also emphasized, “I don’t think education in our country has ever been normal. But I’m cheering on the teachers now. I hope that the collapsed teaching authority and education can be restored.”






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