I crashed into a 500 million won Rolls-Royce, but the cool owner said, “It’s okay.” The real story is

A compact car driver revealed that he crashed into an expensive foreign car in a parking lot and contacted the owner, who responded, “It’s okay.” It turned out that the car owner was singer and actor Kim Min-jong, which became a hot topic.

On the 4th, on the Yonhap News TV YouTube channel, there was a ‘Rolls-Royce ‘thud’ in the apartment parking lot… A video titled “It turns out the victim was okay” was uploaded.

According to the video, close to midnight on the 1st, a woman in her 40s, who was returning home from work, was driving a compact car and had an토토사이트 accident in the underground parking lot of an apartment building.

Driver A told Yonhap News TV , “When you park, there is usually a bump at the back. I knew there would be a bump, so I pushed it, but there was a thud. Moreover, my car’s (rear) sensor was broken, so there was no sound,” describing the situation at the time. explained.

Mr. A said, “When I looked at the car, it was a Rolls-Royce that I had only heard about. “I was very embarrassed,” she said. “I was worried about what would happen if they asked me to change the door.” “I was very confused because I thought the rent was going to be tens of millions of won, and I wondered how much it would cost,” she said. The price of the Rolls-Royce vehicle is known to be over 500 million won.

Mr. A took a photo of the accident area of ​​the vehicle and sent it to the owner of the Rolls-Royce, but did not receive an answer right away.

Ms. A, who had been waiting desperately for a call from the car owner, received a call from the car owner 12 hours later. The car owner said, “When I saw it at the store, it was a little scratched, but it seemed okay. “Thank you for contacting me,” he said. The car owner is none other than Minjong Kim.

In a phone interview with the media, Kim Min-jong humbly said, “I was rather grateful that the owner of the car contacted me,” and “I can repair it on my own.”

Mr. A expressed his gratitude, saying, “It’s a very scary world these days, but it was a comfort to me in a very bleak world.”






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