Former President Moon accuses Park Min-sik of ‘defending Baek Sun-yup’ by citing his father

Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Park Min-sik denied General Baek Sun-yup’s definition of being a ‘pro-Japanese’ and mentioned former President Moon Jae-in’s father, who was the head of the agricultural department at Heungnam City Hall. Minister Park Min-sik said, “(During the Japanese colonial period) the agricultural chief of Heungnam City was not pro-Japanese, and Baek Sun-yup, second lieutenant at the Manchuria Military Academy, was pro-Japanese. He argued, “On what basis should one side be pro-Japanese and the other not be pro-Japanese?” Former President Moon Jae-in’s side announced that it would file a complaint against Minister Park, saying, “It was after liberation that I became the head of the agricultural department at Heungnam City Hall.”

Minister Park attended the general meeting of the National Assembly Political Affairs Committee on the 6th and said, “If (General) Baek Sun-yup was said to be pro-Japanese when he was 20, then President Moon Jae-in’s father먹튀검증, Moon Yong-hyung, is also almost the same age. He was born in 1920, and he was the head of the agricultural department in Heungnam City at the time,” he said. It compares the career of General Paik Sun-yup, who served in the Manchurian Army’s Gando Special Forces that was suppressing independence forces during the Japanese colonial period, with that of former President Moon Jae-in’s father, who was born in 1920 and is of the same age.

In response, former President Moon’s side said, “My father became the head of the agricultural department at Heungnam City Hall not during Japanese colonial rule, but after liberation,” and announced that former President Moon plans to personally sue Minister Park for ‘defamation of the lion.’ Democratic Party lawmaker Yoon Kun-young, a close associate of former President Moon, said at a press conference at the National Assembly that day that Minister Park had made false claims, adding, “This is detailed in former President Moon’s book ‘Destiny,’ so there is no way Minister Park could have made these claims without knowing.” He said.

Meanwhile, Minister Park responded to the National Liberation Association’s statement refuting the previous day’s rebuttal to his statement at the plenary meeting that day, “Lee Jong-chan, chairman of the Liberation Association, stated that General Baek Sun-yup is not a pro-Japanese, anti-national activist,” saying, “This is what I heard privately (from Chairman Lee Jong-chan).” He refused to apologize, saying, “There is.” Minister Park said, “If you look closely at the statement (of the Liberation Association), it says, ‘I never said I was not a pro-Japanese actor,’ and it also does not say, ‘I ever said I was a pro-Japanese actor.’ So I don’t think it’s something I should apologize for.” He said. Minister Park said, “Because the circumstances of President Gwangbok Chairman’s remarks were different whether they were made officially or privately, it is inappropriate for me to repeat here what I heard privately.” The effect is that Chairman Lee Jong-chan made his own remarks in private.






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