‘The Glory’ Kim Hee-ra, school violence and Iljin theory… “I have never participated”

Hello, we continue with ‘Itshu Entertainment’.

Actress Kim Heera of the drama ‘The Glory’ was embroiled in school violence and the so-called ‘Iljin theory’.

The agency and the actor himself came forward to provide explanations one after another. Let’s check out the news.

[“I repented of everything I did to you and was saved.”]

Kim Heera, who played the role of school violence perpetrator Sarah Lee in ‘The Glory’.

However, it was claimed that the actor’s actual school days were similar to this.

Yesterday, entertainment media outlet Dispatch reported that Mr. Kim was a member of the Iljin group, which was notorious for assault and extortion at a middle school.

Therefore, when ‘The Glory’ was released, alumni of the school responded that the character in the drama and Kim’s past appearance were the same.

In response to this, the agency denied the allegations of school


violence, saying that although it is true that Kim Hi-ra hung out with them at the gathering mentioned in the article, he never directly participated in the violence.

Mr. Kim himself also posted a similar message on social media , but it has now been changed to a short apology. Meanwhile, the OTT

entertainment program where Kim Heera was scheduled to appear this week announced that it would cancel the broadcast of that episode following the controversy.






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