This happened ‘for the first time in history’ because of Lim Young-woong.

As singer Lim Young-woong’s popularity soars, ticket reservation company Interpark Ticket has even set up a dedicated consultation line ahead of the national tour concert.

According to the music industry on the 8th, Interpark opened a dedicated helpline (1660-1646) ahead of ticket sales for Lim Young-woong’s national tour concert ‘2023 IM HERO – Seoul’, which starts at 8 p.m. on the 14th. This is a separate number from the company’s general helpline (1544-1555). An Interpark Ticket official explained, “There have been cases where dedicated lines have been opened for each partner company or concert hall, but this is the first time that a phone number has been opened exclusively for a specific concert.” He added, “In the case of Lim Young-woong’s concert, the fandom age group토토사이트 is high and it is expected that there will be many inquiries, so we opened a dedicated phone number to provide more accurate information to customers.” If you dial 0 on the general helpline, you will be connected to the person in charge of Lim Young-woong’s national tour concert. Lim Young-woong will begin his national tour ‘2023 IM HERO ‘ through Daegu, Busan , and Gwangju, starting with a six-day concert at the KSPO Dome in Seoul Olympic Park next month . The KSPO Dome can accommodate 10,000 to 15,000 people.

It is considered the ‘ mecca of K-pop’ and is evaluated as a top singer even if it records a full house for just one day.






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