“It’s so scary and I hate it… “Refocusing attention on the case of Lee Eun-chong, who died from a weapon wielded by her ex-boyfriend.

The bereaved family of Kim Hye-bin, who died in the so-called ‘Bundang Seohyeon Station stabbing incident’, publicized the victim’s name and face and appealed for the suspect Choi Won-jong to be severely punished. Prior to this, she was stabbed with a weapon while being stalked by her ex-boyfriend in Incheon. The deceased woman’s family also released the victim’s name and photo. 

On the 8th, Mr. A, a bereaved family member of the victim, posted a post titled “My younger brother died after suffering from stalking” on the Internet community Nate.

Mr. A began by saying, “On July 17th, around 6 a.m., my younger sister, Lee Eun-chong, was stabbed and passed away.”

He continued, “The perpetrator was Eun-chong’s ex-boyfriend,” and “We met by chance at a tennis club, became lovers, and through Eun-chong’s introduction, we ended up working at the same workplace안전놀이터.”

Mr. A said, “Eun-chong met the perpetrator on the premise of a secret relationship, but at some point, he said he wanted to have an open relationship. Eun-chong, who had already experienced a failed marriage once, only wanted a relationship, but the perpetrator insisted that he want to get married. “I said,” he said.

Fearing that the assailant had appeared in front of Mr. Lee again, Mr. Lee reported it to the police, and the assailant was reportedly released after four hours after receiving a restraining order.

Mr. Lee, who had been threatened with stalking so many times, said he was wearing a smartwatch. However, on June 29, the police came to Mr. Lee’s house and said that they did not have a large number of smart watches in stock, and instructed him to ‘return the smart watch if it does not overlap with the perpetrator’s movement path.’ Mr. Lee said that he returned the smart watch.

Mr. A said, “What I found out after my younger brother passed away was that from July 13th to 17th, when the police came, the perpetrator had been watching Eungyeong in front of the house, violating the restraining order.” He added, “So on the morning of July 17th, “Our sincere Eun-chong, who went out to work at 6 o’clock, was stabbed to death by an assailant in front of the apartment elevator.”

At the same time, “Her mother, who jumped out immediately after hearing Eun-chong’s voice asking for help, was stabbed while trying to stop the assailant, and when her granddaughter tried to come out, Eun-chong was stabbed while protecting her granddaughter,” she said at the time. I explained the situation.

Mr. A said, “It is said that when Eun-chong fell down after being stabbed with a knife, the assailant lay down next to her and stabbed her in the stomach. Even thinking about it now gives me goosebumps. He said, “Eun-chong, who bled so much that the front of the elevator was soaked, died from excessive bleeding.”

Mr. A expressed his anger, saying, “I reported it to the police several times, but now, ahead of the first trial in September, I was told that it was not a revenge killing,” and “They say it was because the motive for killing him out of anger due to the stalking report was not identified.”

Mr. A said, “The deceased Eun-chong’s cell phone was full of search records related to stalking. It’s so hard to look back every day and see how anxious I must have been. Looking at the scars that appeared while trying to stop the assailant, her mother said, “It reminds me of Eun-chong. She struggles with sadness every day, and Eun-chong’s 6-year-old daughter has to live in this world without her mother.”

At the same time, he shared a link and asked netizens to write a petition, saying, “Please help Eun-chung’s daughter be safe and come up with practical measures to help many victims of stalking crimes be safe.”

Ms. Lee was stabbed to death by a weapon wielded by her ex-boyfriend, Mr. B, in front of an apartment elevator in Nonhyeon-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, at approximately 5:54 am on July 17. 

On June 9, the police received a report from Mr. Lee that ‘(ex-boyfriend) B was wandering around the house,’ and were dispatched and arrested Mr. B as an active criminal at around 7:18 p.m.

At the time, the police investigated Mr. B and released him at around 11:51 PM that day. In addition, Mr. B received a provisional measure from the court prohibiting him from approaching or contacting Mr. Lee. 

However, he violated the restraining order and visited Mr. Lee about a month later and committed the crime. Mr. Lee reportedly returned the smartwatch to the police on the 13th of the same month, four days before the incident, adding to the sadness.

Then, “As the obsession and arguments increased, (Eun-chong) said we should break up,” he said. “That was the beginning.”

Ms. Lee’s ex-boyfriend, Mr. B, said that even after her breakup, she continued to contact Mr. Lee and begged him to get back together. She said Lee was someone she would keep running into at work, so she tried to resolve things amicably at first.

However, when Mr. B assaulted her, she suffered black bruises on Mr. Lee’s arms, and eventually, it is said that Ms. Lee had no choice but to report her ex-boyfriend to the police for stalking her on May 18th.

Mr. A said, “I thought it would end like that,” and “However, on June 1st, the ex-boyfriend of the perpetrator, who was still working at the same company as Eun-chong, changed the photo he had taken with Eun-chong during their relationship into his profile photo, and from then on, Eun-chong always showed it to his co-workers. “I had to explain this situation,” he said.

Mr. A said, “It was a blessing to introduce me to the workplace, but it was my younger brother’s fault to have to explain the stalking,” and “Even when I asked him to take the photo down, he didn’t take it down, and even when my co-worker tried to persuade him, for some reason he didn’t take it down, and even posted it on Instagram. “I posted that photo,” he said.

It is said that Mr. B’s stalking  has become more and more threatening, with not only messengers and SNS , but even following him in a car.

Mr. A said, “All of my co-workers found out about my relationship with the perpetrator, and my younger brother, who was tired of the situation, said he would drop the complaint if I just took down the photo and transferred departments,” and added, “I withdrew the complaint after receiving the memorandum.” “I gave it to her, but the perpetrator came looking for Eun-chong again.”

This day was June 9, about a month before Mr. A’s younger sister, Lee Eun-chong, was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend.






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