It’s the happiness of being injected by mom herself… “Illness = disaster”

If the burden of hospital costs is too high compared to the family’s circumstances, the lives of patients and their families can be ruined.

In this case, it is considered ‘catastrophic medical expenses’.

17-month-old Happy’s family is also suffering from medical expenses.

Since birth, Happy suffered from high fever of unknown cause, and after undergoing tests at numerous hospitals, he was diagnosed with a rare disease called ‘hereditary relapsing fever syndrome.’

After consistent hospitalization, he was able to walk as well as other children his age, but the problem is even greater after discharge.

This is because you have to get injections at home every day.

In addition to the difficult management of injection drugs토토사이트, such as keeping them refrigerated, Happy’s mother, who is a non-medical person, has to learn how to give injections and give it to her child herself.

For the disease that Happy suffers from, there is an officially approved injection that only needs to be administered once every two months, but this injection is not covered by health insurance.

Happy’s mother has no choice but to give her child an injection every day because she cannot bear the cost of over 150 million won a year. You can check out

the story of Happy’s family and the frustrating reality that health insurance does not cover officially approved injectable drugs on SBS 8 News.






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