“Is this a beauty salon where lives are cut?”… Following the gimbap restaurant, the ‘star terror attack’ poured into beauty salons.

In relation to the death of an elementary school teacher in Daejeon due to extreme choices after suffering from malicious complaints from parents for four years, some personal information of the perpetrator’s parents is spreading online먹튀검증. Following the gimbap restaurant that was run by the parents of the perpetrator and suffered a ‘star attack’, a beauty salon known to be run by another parent of the perpetrator has also been revealed, and criticism is pouring in against them.

On the 10th, a post titled ‘Recent status of Daejeon teacher’s death at the beauty salon’ was posted on several online communities. The article contained a picture of a hair salon run by one of the parents who drove the deceased teacher to his death.

The hair salon in question was filled with post-it notes with things like ‘Murderer ㅇㅇ Hair’ and ‘The death penalty is needed because of people like you.’

Horoscope terrorism continues online. On this day, on a portal site, the hair salon in question was given the lowest star rating of 1.

Netizens are pouring out criticism such as, “Is this a hair salon that even cuts off the teacher’s life?”, “Do you feel relieved because they harassed and killed the teacher?”, “I feel sick to my stomach thinking about touching the hair with the fingers that killed someone.”

Prior to the beauty salon, a kimbap restaurant known to be run by another parent of the perpetrator experienced the same situation. This place is a franchise store and has currently been notified of business suspension by the head office.

The restaurant franchise headquarters was posted on the official SNS the day before.Through (social media), he said, “We are quickly confirming the information related to the affiliated store,” and “Regardless of the reason, we are suspending business until the information is confirmed, and we plan to take additional measures in the future depending on the facts.”

Meanwhile, according to the Daejeon Teachers’ Union, the deceased elementary school teacher in his 40s sent a student who assaulted a friend to the principal’s office while working at an elementary school in Yuseong-gu in 2019. It is said that the student was later sued by the student’s parents for child abuse and suffered complaints for several years.






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