Lee Jae-myeong “I’m not foolish enough to give 10 billion won to North Korea… The people and history will be the judge.”

Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, who appeared before the prosecution for the second time on suspicion of sending money to North Korea, said, “I paid a large sum of money, as much as 10 billion won, to North Korea to a gangster and a corrupt businessman who used to be an illegal loan shark without knowing the face of Buji in order to visit North Korea and take a picture.” “I am not foolish enough to commit such a serious crime as giving in,” he said.

Representative Lee got off in front of the Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office at around 2:20 pm on the 12th, bowed to his supporters, then got back into온라인바카라 the vehicle, entered the prosecutor’s office, and made his statement in front of reporters.

He said, “Over the course of two years, we paid attorney’s fees, paid smart farms, paid travel expenses to North Korea, changed topics, mobilized personnel the size of a prosecutor’s office, dozens of prosecutors, and hundreds of investigators, conducted hundreds of search and seizures, and investigated hundreds of people, but not a single piece of evidence was found. “I couldn’t find it,” he claimed, “because it’s not true.”

Representative Lee emphasized, “No matter how hard you try to call me out and make it seem like I’m a criminal, you can’t create facts that don’t exist,” and added, “The people and history will judge and judge.”

He added, “I ask you to take care of the difficult livelihood and economy that the people are experiencing, and to focus more on protecting the lives and safety of the people, rather than neglecting the peace crisis on the Korean Peninsula.” He added, “The regime is short, the people and history are eternal.” .

Prosecutors believe that Representative Lee used North Korea’s humanitarian aid as an excuse to promote support for North Korea, including support for smart farms, support for seedlings and flour worth 1.5 billion won, and additional support of 100,000 tons of rice to facilitate the governor’s visit to North Korea.

The gist of the third-party bribery charge against Representative Lee is that he intended to solidify his political base through the provincial governor’s visit to North Korea, and that Kim Seong-tae, former chairman of Ssangbangwool Group, borne a significant portion of the costs incurred for this trip.






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