Moon sues Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Park Min-sik for remarks that ‘his father was pro-Japanese’… “Even the former president’s father must stop engaging in political abuse.”

Former President Moon Jae-in sued Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Park Min-sik on the 12th, accusing him of criticizing his father as a ‘pro-Japanese’.

Rep. Yoon Geon-young of the Democratic Party of Korea, former head of the Blue House Government Affairs Situation Office under the Moon Jae-in administration, said in a text message notice on the same day, “Former President Moon filed a complaint against Minister Park this morning on charges of defamation of the dead. A secretary delegated by former President Moon filed the complaint. “I submitted토토사이트 it to Yangsan Police Station,” he said.

He continued, “This is because Minister Park criticized former President Moon’s father for being ‘pro-Japanese’ without any basis,” and added, “The ruling party must immediately stop abusing the former president’s father politically to cover up criticism of themselves.” “It is,” he urged.

Minister Park said at the general meeting of the National Assembly’s Political Affairs Committee held on the 6th, “Former President Moon’s father served as the head of the agricultural department at Heungnam City Hall (during the Japanese colonial era), and is he not pro-Japanese?”

The statement was made while claiming that General Paik Sun-yup, who served in the Gando Special Forces during the Japanese colonial period, was not pro-Japanese.

Representative Yoon held a press conference immediately on the same day that Minister Park’s remarks were made and announced his plan to take legal action against former President Moon, saying, “Former President Moon’s father became head of the agricultural department at Heungnam City Hall not during Japanese colonial rule, but after liberation.”

Meanwhile, when former President Moon’s complaint became known that day, Minister Park posted a statement on Facebook and said, “It is truly regrettable.”

Minister Park said, “I was saying an extremely common sense saying, ‘The same standard should be applied to all people who lived during the painful era of Japanese colonial rule.’” He added, “By distorting even this sincerity, the former president is once again anti-Japanese through legal attacks.” “I express deep disappointment and regret at the actions that are turning this into a pro-Japanese political struggle,” he said.






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