Dog daughters criticized Tzuyang for her ‘seafood mukbang’… “Cheering” at Lee Jae-myung’s raw fish restaurant meal

Regarding the fact that Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, ate at a raw fish restaurant with Democratic Party lawmakers after a rally condemning the discharge of contaminated water from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, Lee’s strong supporters, who are called “dog’s daughters,” are reacting by asking, “What’s the problem?”

They previously criticized YouTuber ‘Tzuyang’ when he did a seafood mukbang, asking, “Are you doing a seafood mukbang in these times?” There are criticisms that this is ‘naeronambul’.

According to the Democratic Party and others on the 13th, Representative Lee ate at a raw fish restaurant in Mokpo on August 30, a week after the discharge of contaminated water and the day before he began his fast.

The fact that Representative Lee ate at a raw fish restaurant소닉카지노 became known belatedly when the restaurant owner posted a commemorative photo of Democratic Party members on social networking service ( SNS ). After finishing the meal, CEO Lee wrote in the guestbook, ‘A world we live in together. ○○ Raw fish restaurant, I really enjoyed the meal,’ he wrote.

In response to this, Kim Min-soo, spokesperson for the People Power Party, commented on the 11th, saying, “He is a self-convicted person. Representative Lee deceived the people with actions that even he did not believe,” and added, “Lee Jae-myung’s ‘Fukushima contaminated water’ is bulletproof for his criminal charges.” He criticized, “It has become clear that it was merely a means for the ‘movement to resign from the Yoon Seok-yeol regime’ without asking any questions.”

On the same day, Choi Hyeon-cheol, a full-time deputy spokesperson for the People Power Party, also commented in a commentary, saying, “The Democratic Party leader and leadership also say that there is no need to worry anymore about marine products that are safe to eat,” and added, “Representative Lee and the Democratic Party are passionate about inciting ghost stories about marine products, but they actually condemn them.” “I was speechless at the sight of them leisurely writing a guestbook after eating raw fish after the protest,” he criticized.

When the People Power Party poured criticism on CEO Lee, Lee Jae-myung’s fan cafe ‘Jaemyung’s Village’ and others responded by saying, “Lee Jae-myung was against the discharge of contaminated water and never told me not to go to a raw fish restaurant.” The argument is that there is actually no problem with Representative Lee eating at a raw fish restaurant.

However, on August 25th, when YouTuber ‘Tzuyang’ did a seafood mukbang, they fiercely criticized, saying, “Japan is dumping radioactive contaminated water from Fukushima, so why are they suddenly promoting seafood and drinking Japanese alcohol?” In other words, Democratic Party supporters expressed their disapproval toward Tsuyang for eating seafood, but responded positively to Representative Lee.

Although Tsuyang received negative comments from his daughters, he visited Garak Market in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 2nd and had a king crab mukbang. In response, conservative netizens cheered and called it a ‘patriotic mukbang’ that was trying to save domestic fishermen and fisheries.






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