Manchester United-Liverpool watching the Portugal national team match… Recruitment campaign for ‘defensive core’ begins in earnest

There is tension between Manchester United (Man United) and Liverpool over defensive reinforcements.

British media ’90min’ reported on the 15th (Korean time), “Manchester United and Liverpool watched the Portuguese national team’s game closely during this month’s recently concluded international match.”

The player that Manchester United and Liverpool paid attention to was Antonio Silva (19, Benfica). According to reports, both Manchester United and Liverpool are said to be candidates for signing Silva.

Recruiting a centre-back is considered one of Manchester먹튀검증 United’s goals. Although Harry Maguire stayed on this summer, they are still looking to recruit a top centre-back who can bring stability to the defense.

Liverpool as well as Manchester United need to recruit a centre-back. I am not satisfied with the partner that Virgil van Dijk will work with. There is a growing argument that we need to recruit better defensive resources than Yoel Matip.

Silva emerged as a strong recruitment candidate for both teams. According to this report, Manchester United and Liverpool are said to have placed Silva on the recruiting list and paid attention to the Portugal national team’s match played this month.

Silva is considered a promising player who will grow into a top center back in the future. Despite his young age, he proved his worth last season, making 46 appearances in all competitions.

He has already adapted to the Portuguese national team. Silva, who first joined the Portuguese national team last year, played full-time in the match against Slovakia this month and helped the team win.

Tough negotiations are expected. Benfica is well known as a club with whom negotiations are difficult. The media said, “It is impossible to recruit Silva at a low price. He pointed out, “He should offer a large transfer fee.”






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