Coach Moyes’ love for old Manchester United FW after being unemployed… “Are you okay? I’m going to sign after seeing more.”

Will Jesse Lingard, who has nowhere to go, step on the English Premier League stage once again?

On the 16th (Korean time), British sports media outlet ‘TalkSports’ released a video of a press conference attended by Premier League West Ham United manager David Moyes.

At the press conference, Coach Moyes mentioned Lingard, a free agent, who is currently training with the team. Lingard, who was born in 1992 and has played for Manchester United as a senior player since 2011, has played for West Ham for six months in the 2020/21 season. He played for Nottingham for a year last season, but his contract has ended and he is now unbeaten.

When asked about Lingard’s progress, Coach Moyes said, “Jesse (Lingard) is doing well. He has just entered the fourth week of training,” and added, “(Lingard) has not played much since January. Therefore, he “We are trying to start from scratch,” Lingard said, briefly mentioning the training he is currently undergoing.

He also did not omit to mention that his physical condition has improved significantly, saying, “Jesse (Lingard) has now started playing ‘football’.”

Lingard is a member of the ‘Sunggol Youth’ team who played for Manchester United since his youth, but he continued to show poor skills and was pushed out of the competition for the starting role.

He also moved on loan from Manchester United to West Ham in the winter of 2021. At West Ham, he seemed to be making a comeback. He appeared to rebound, starting every game he appeared in and recording 9 goals and 4 assists in 16 games. After his ‘sweet walk’ with West Ham ended, Lingard returned카지노사이트 to Manchester United, but he did not look good in a Manchester United uniform. He showed poor skills, scoring only 2 goals in 16 games.

In the end, last summer, Manchester United went into ‘stock disposal’ by handing him over for free to Nottingham Forest, who had just been promoted from the second division to the Premier League. In the 2022/23 season, he played 17 games for his new team, but scored no goals. After suffering his worst fall as a player, he seemed to have lost his competitiveness in Europe’s top division. Ultimately, at the end of the season, he was released from Nottingham without being able to exercise his contract extension option.

However, coach Moyes, who has good chemistry with him, seems to have found hope. Coach Moyes said, “Lingard’s form is definitely improving, and Jesse (Lingard) also came to me and said, ‘I want to play and I think I can play.’” He also revealed that Lingard has not completely lost his fighting spirit and given up just yet. The coach gave a positive response to Lingard, saying, “We are seriously considering recruiting Lingard once he regains his form.”

Lingard is a youth player who has played for Manchester United since childhood. He worked together twice with Moyes, who took over as Manchester United coach following Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013. I also received his guidance at West Ham for 6 months.

After Lingard was recently released, coach Moyes, who readily gave Lingard his training ground and allowed him to train with the team, was caught up in the analysis as to whether he was trying to relive good memories from his time at West Ham.

Of course, Coach Moyes expressed his expectations for this season at a press conference, saying, “I am satisfied with the team that has been formed (after the end of the summer transfer window).” West Ham won the UEFA Europa Conference League last season, so they will participate in the UEFA Europa League this season, and it is true that for this to happen, their player base must be somewhat thick.






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