“Let’s become gangsters nationwide”… Approximately 60 MZ gangsters arrested

About 60 gangsters in their 20s were arrested by the police on suspicion of committing various illegal acts, including assaulting members of an opposing gang and opening an online gambling house.

It was discovered that they had formed a new violent organization with the intention of ‘becoming a national gangster’.

On the 18th, the Chungcheongnam-do Provincial Police Agency’s Violent Crime Investigation Unit announced that it had arrested a total of 66 gangsters, including 32 members of the ‘A’ group in the Nonsan area and 34 people who committed illegal acts by organizing the ‘National Association’, a gangster alliance born in 2002.

The police arrested eight of the main participants and confiscated온라인바카라 57 million won in proceeds from the crime.

​According to the police, members of Group A are suspected of operating an online gambling site worth 22 billion won over a six-month period starting in August of last year, and confining and assaulting members of other local organizations.

During the investigation, the police confirmed that union members born in 2002 from 21 organizations across the country had gathered to form an organization called ‘National Association’ and expanded their investigation network.

As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that they were suspected of interfering with work by using force, such as hitting another gang member on the head with a blunt object at a meeting, injuring him, and damaging furniture inside the bar.

An official from the South Chungcheong Province Violent Crime Investigation Unit said, “We plan to arrest the suspects who were not arrested as soon as possible,” and added, “We will continue to strictly crack down on various illegal activities by organized crime groups that harm the peaceful daily lives of the people.”

He added, “ We plan to thoroughly investigate not only the MZ gangsters, but also the ‘A faction’ older generation members, as well as the 21 violent organizations that joined the National Association born in 2002 and the organizations behind them, and take strict action by dismantling the violent organizations . ”






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