If you know this, you’ll know the game well, and if you know the shot capabilities of each player, the fun of watching increases!

Stroke Gain is a figure that derives the overall average of all of a player’s shots and analyzes them to compare the player’s ‘shot-specific capabilities’ to see how much he gains or loses from which shot.

It is also meaningful to be able to understand the shot-specific capabilities of players outside of the rankings. Capabilities for various shots, such as tee shots, approaches, green areas, and putts, can be used as data to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the player, and can also serve as data for fans to predict the game.

In the case of professional baseball, which is considered the most popular sport in Korea, numerous sabermetric data such as pitcher’s on-base percentage by inning (WHIP) and win contribution by player (WAR) are actively used by the media and clubs, and fans are very interested in it.

According to the KLPGA, the stroke gain record consists of a total of six categories: ▲Tee shot ▲Approach ▲Green area ▲Tee shot to green (Tee shot, approach, Green area) ▲Put ▲Total area, and through this data, the player’s shots by distance You can determine your abilities and strengths and weaknesses on the green with accurate numbers.

The player with the best tee shot is Bae So-hyun, and the putter is Kim So-i… Park Min-ji is a ‘perfect type’As of this season, after completing 24 competitions, the player ranked first in the stroke gain category was Park Ji-young, who recorded 3 wins this season. Park Ji-young showed strength in all areas, but especially in approach shots and around the green, she made big gains of 1.42 strokes and 0.42 strokes, respectively.

Lee Ye-won, who ranked second in the overall category, also made gains in all areas, but in particular, she made the biggest gain in the tee shot section with 0.74 strokes. Park Min-ji, who ranked 5th in the overall category, had fewer strokes gained in each area than the players in the previous rankings, but showed good scores evenly without loss.

According to Stroke Gain records, Bae So-hyun is카지노 the player with the best tee shot among active players on the KLPGA Tour. Bae So-hyun gained 0.85 strokes on the tee shot alone. However, he lost 0.09 strokes and 0.14 strokes around the green and in the putt department, respectively, and his overall ranking remained 22nd. On the other hand, we can see that the player who is currently the best at putting is Kim So-i, who gained 1.03 strokes in putting alone.

KLPGA provides not only real-time stroke gain records for the season, but also stroke gain records for each competition and hole. Through the stroke gain for each competition, you can check the player’s shot capabilities for each competition and round, and the stroke gain for each hole can be used as an indicator to determine the difficulty of each shot in each hole.

General golf fans can easily check the stroke gain record in the ‘Distance Record’ category in the records menu at the top of the KLPGA official website.






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