“Death accident due to wrong lane”…Belatedly ‘sneak’ new paint

Last month, a motorcycle driver and his passenger died in an accident while riding on a road in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province, which was under construction.

The police are investigating whether the driver was speeding, and the bereaved family claims that the accident occurred due to poor safety management at the construction site.

The report comes from reporter Y and Woo Jong-hoon.

In the early morning of the 31st of last month,

a motorcycle riding on a curve made a sharp turn and hit a safety facility at a construction site in the middle of the road.

The two people on the motorcycle were thrown off and hit a telephone pole, and both died from severe shoulder and head injuries.

Police are looking into whether drivers without safety equipment were speeding on roads in the 40 km/h zone.

However, the driver’s surviving family claims that the cause of the accident was at the construction site.

It is said that the lack of proper safety management was a direct cause of casualties.

[Yang Tae-geun / Motorcycle driver’s father: This is an incident in which he lost his balance, came closer to the road, and crashed into this safety fence.] We looked closely at the circumstances of the accident site

at the time to see if the claims of the bereaved families were grounded.

The day after the accident, the bereaved family visited the scene again and found that the lane entering the curve was facing inside the construction site in the center of the road.

Also, because the lanes are cut off in front of the construction site and there are sharp turns, it is more difficult to know where to go in the early morning, like when an accident occurs.

This goes against the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s ‘Road Construction Site Traffic Management Guidelines’, which states that existing markings on the road surface must be completely removed when a road is occupied and used for construction.

In fact, it was confirmed that the new lanes were redrawn only after a fatal accident.

At the time of the accident, only traces remain of the lane, and as you can see, new direction signs have been drawn to ensure that vehicles can drive properly.

However, this was not the first time that the lane at the construction site where the accident occurred was an issue.

KEPCO has been working on transmission lines for two years after receiving permission to occupy the road from Yangju City, Gyeonggi Province.

Residents have pointed out safety issues with the lanes, and it was confirmed that the local government even sent an official letter last March to repaint the lanes around the fence. .

[Resident: Before that, we didn’t paint the lanes like this먹튀검증, we just put up a fence and did something like this. Also, there have been several accidents in this section, so our residents are always living in danger.]

Despite the situation, the bereaved families are protesting, saying that the police are trying to end the investigation by only considering speeding.

[Yang Tae-geun / Motorcycle driver’s father: I think we have no choice but to accept it as having to fix the barn after losing the cow. In any case, even though the investigation should be thoroughly conducted, I cannot understand why they only drove it to speeding.]

The police said that immediately after the accident, they investigated a construction official at the scene as a reference, first checking whether or not the driver was speeding, and then questioning him later. The position is that it is a matter of concern.

Yangju City, Gyeonggi-do, is in the position that although it can recommend lane painting, responsibility for management lies with KEPCO, and KEPCO has stated that there are no problems with safety measures.

The bereaved family plans to request a prosecutorial investigation based on precedents in which road construction officials were found guilty for failing to properly install lane width reduction signs or danger signs.






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