Han Dong-hoon “Lee Jae-myung colluded with a gangster businessman”… Rep. Noh strongly protested

On the 21st, Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon responded to the criminal charges of Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, for whom an arrest warrant was requested for incidents such as ‘Ssangbangwool’s illegal remittance to North Korea’, saying, “To secure his political position, he colluded먹튀검증 with a former gangster businessman to collect a large amount of foreign currency for personal gain.” “It is a serious crime of illegally paying money to North Korea in violation of UN sanctions against North Korea,” he said.

Minister Han said this while explaining the need for Representative Lee’s arrest prior to the plenary session of the National Assembly voting on the motion to arrest Representative Lee starting at 3:30 PM on this day.

Regarding the ‘Baekhyeon-dong Apartment Development Preference Corruption’ incident, Minister Han said, “Representative Lee and Jeong Jin-sang (former policy secretary of Seongnam City) have been referring to the older Kim In-seop (Baekhyeon-dong lobbyist) as ‘brother’, and after his re-election as mayor of Seongnam, this case was related to the development project. “It was a symbiotic relationship where you had to repay when a request came in,” he said.

He continued, “The motive for the crime in this case was to bring a large amount of profit to a private business by providing illegal preferential treatment, and to have a close associate in charge of lobbying obtain billions of won in return, and to use this as future election and political funds.”

When Minister Han explained the need for detention in detail, Democratic Party members protested fiercely. As the shouting continued, National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo tried to dissuade them by saying, “Please listen quietly,” but the lawmakers continued to protest. Accordingly, Minister Han decided to submit additional explanation in writing regarding the need for remaining detention.






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