“It rose to 1.56 million won per kg”… ‘Yangyang Songi’ taken by the best before Chuseok

According to the Yangyang Sokcho Forestry Association안전놀이터 on the 21st, a total of 95.41 kg was purchased at the mountain collection trial held that day. By grade, ▲1st grade 8.85kg ▲2nd grade 7.6kg ▲3rd grade 8.62kg ▲4th grade 29.86kg ▲40.48kg of grade 4 were purchased.

Looking at the successful bid price by grade, grade 1 matsutake recorded the highest price this year at 1,562,000 won per kg. This is about 462,000 won more expensive than the first trial of the year held on the 11th, just 10 days ago. It is higher than last year’s highest winning bid of 1,423,800 won.

In the case of grade 2 bunches, the successful bid price was 980,000 won per 1 kg, while grade 3 and 4 flowers were sold at 759,910 won and 6,679,910 won, respectively. The illegal item was 342,200 won.

The reason why Yangyang pine mushrooms are highly regarded is because they are different from pine mushrooms from other regions, such as the mushroom itself having a low moisture content, a hard body, and a deep yet rich aroma. Yangyang pine was registered as the first geographical indication forest product by the Korea Forest Service in 2006.

However, production is insufficient compared to its excellence, and as the Chuseok holiday approaches, more people are looking for bunches as gifts, and prices are continuing to skyrocket.

Meanwhile, the Songi Festival, Yangyang-gun’s representative festival, will be held from October 4th to 8th at Namdaecheon Dunji and Multipurpose Plaza in Yangyang. Unlike before, this year it will be held in conjunction with the Salmon Festival and you can enjoy various performances and experience programs.






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