Men’s volleyball match against Bahrain is important as ‘no medal’ eliminated in round of 12

What I had hoped for became reality. Korean men’s volleyball received a report card of no medal for the first time in the history of participating in the Asian Games.

Korea, led by coach Lim Do-heon, lost to Pakistan with a set score of 0-3 in the men’s volleyball round of 12 at the Hangzhou Asian Games held on the 22nd. As a result, Korea was relegated to the 7th to 12th place match.

Before the official opening day of the tournament (23rd), we faced the result of being eliminated from the tournament. In an official interview with reporters who visited the site after the match against Pakistan, Coach Lim said, “There is no room for excuses or excuses. I have nothing to say.”

Having to start again from square one should be put aside for a while and the men’s national team should focus on the ranking match against Bahrain to be held on the 24th. We must avoid losing again.

Bahrain had caught Lim Do-heon once before this tournament. At the AVC Challenger Cup hosted by the Asian Volleyball Confederation (CEV) held last July, Korea failed to reach the finals after losing to Bahrain.

With this loss, Korea did not even get a chance to challenge for the finals of the 2024 Volleyball Nations League (VNL) hosted by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). The team’s mood and morale may be at a low point due to being eliminated in the round of 12 in the Asian Games, but Coach Lim and the coaching staff must take care of this and head to the game against Bahrain.

We need to take revenge for the loss we suffered in the AVC Challenger Cup. If they also lose to Bahrain, the fallout could continue until the 2023-24 season Dodram V-League, which opens on October 14.

The round of 12 match against Pakistan was not broadcast. This is because another round of 12 match between the hosts China and Indonesia was broadcast. There was no way for most volleyball fans to watch the Korean men’s volleyball disaster in Hangzhou unless they were at the scene.

However, there is a high possibility that the Bahrain game먹튀검증will be broadcast in Korea.

That’s why you need to break out. It should be said that no volleyball fan would give a round of applause to encourage the team to lose again. However, with the men’s volleyball team being eliminated in the round of 12, the burden also increased on the women’s national team ahead of the Asian Games.

The women’s national team, led by coach Cesar Hernández González, is participating in the qualifying rounds for the 2024 Paris Olympics. For this reason, the Asian Games women’s volleyball group stage and tournament are held later than the men’s event.

However, looking at the performance that ‘Cesarho’ has shown so far after raising the anchor, the prospects for the Asian Games are not bright. Some fans and media are ‘hopeful’ about Cesarjo’s results after losing a close full set in the Olympic qualifiers and winning sets against teams with higher FIVB rankings. ‘propaganda’. We are sending support and encouragement with the modifier ‘harvest’. Regardless of the results, we can applaud and support players who do their best.

But the reality is not easy. Like the men’s national team, the women’s national team still has question marks about its performance in previous international competitions. For the first time in the history of the Asian Games, the men’s and women’s national teams are together with a volleyball player named Noh Maedal, and the scenario that volleyball fans most want to avoid is increasingly becoming a reality.

The Korean Volleyball Association, which is in charge of the national team, has its executive team, including Chairman Oh Han-nam, on site in Hangzhou. What thoughts and future plans do you have? One thing is clear: After the Asian Games come to an end, Korean volleyball will have to start over from scratch. We must avoid passing responsibility and blaming others.






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