Belangel, who receives many orders, “Focuses on the point guard role”

“Like the coach said, I will focus more on my role as a point guard.”

Samjoshef Belangel played in 52 games last season, averaging 18 minutes and 48 seconds, and recorded 7.0 points, 1.9 rebounds, and 2.0 assists. He failed to leave a strong impression in his KBL debut.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation has changed a lot. Acting head coach Kang Hyuk led the team, and Lee Dae-seong, a key member of the guard team, left. Belangel is expected to receive more playing opportunities.

Belangel, who was the first Filipino player to sign a contract, arrived in the country very quickly this season and is preparing for the 2023-2024 season.

Acting coach Kang Hyeok calls for altruistic play by making use of Belangel’s strengths, fast breaks and floaters, while passing the ball to a teammate who has a better opportunity. Belangel tries to follow acting coach Kang Hyuk’s orders well, but sometimes he cannot distinguish between the timing of his attacks and passes.

Belangel, who is steadily preparing for his second season through trial and error, said, “So far, his off-season training is going well. “There are things the coach emphasized to me that I need to improve on, that I need to correct,” he said. “I joined the team early and trained with the knowledge that I had to do well in these areas mentally, so I had to learn more and solve my homework, but I had to mentally prepare myself.” “I feel comfortable being there,” he said.

When asked what he needs to do better, Belangel said, “I have to get better at what the coach asks me to do.” He added, “The coach tells me how to run the team as a point guard on the court, when to pass to my teammates, when to throw a shot, and when to defend the team.” “I need to understand the coach’s basketball style so that I can make my voice heard,” he said.

When further asked if he had any difficulties in choosing shots and passes, Belangel said, “The coach advises me on making such decisions and tells me that in this situation, I have to do this or that.” He taught me some parts, but there are some things I can’t follow, but when I don’t do well, my tendency is to accept that this is also a task given to me and a part that I need to challenge, and if I learn these things one by one, I am confident that I will get better results.” .

What Acting Manager Kang Hyuk orders from Belangel in attack is quick attack development and a breakthrough that shakes the opponent’s defense in the set offense.

Belangel said, “The coach gives me a lot of teachings on how to develop a quick attack during practice games or field training in Japan.” He added, “When should I attack quickly and when should I break down the defense with an토토사이트 attack? When is the opponent’s defense set up?” The coach informs us of the details such as whether we should slow down the fast attack and proceed with team play. “I still have a lot to

KOGAS went to Japan for field training for the first time. Acting coach Kang Hyeok evaluated Belangel’s defense as having improved during field training in Japan.

When Belangel mentioned the training camp in Japan, he said, “It was a great experience for the team and a time of learning. “I knew what strengths and weaknesses each player had, but because the experience of forming a team as a team was important, I refined them through field training.” “It felt good, so it was a training camp that I learned from,” he said.

Belangel, who played a practice game with Isaiah Hicks and Anthony Moss for the first time during training camp in Japan, said, “I didn’t spend a lot of time. “It’s a process of getting to know each other,” he said. “There were a lot of good plays when we got along during training camp in Japan. “I’m looking forward to it because there will be many opportunities to adapt through practice games and other training in the future,” he said.

There is less than a month left until the opening of the 2023-2024 season.

Belangel pledged, “Like the coach said, I will focus more on my role as a point guard, and since it is a process of building a team, I will focus on what the team wants rather than on myself.”

learn, but I’m getting better at developing quick attacks,” he said.






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