‘It’s safe, right?’ Have you seen such a cheeky smile? Did the great runner dinosaur’s earnest wish come true? 

 ‘It’s safe, right?’

Park Young-bin of the NC Dinos, who stepped in as a pinch runner, showed a cheeky smile to the opposing second baseman after being called out while attempting to steal second base.

In the game between NC and LG held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 22nd, Park Young-bin stepped on first base as a pinch runner in place of Kwon Hee-dong, who stepped on first base due to an opponent’s error in the top of the 8th inning, 4 to 4.

Park Young-bin, a pinch runner who must make use of every 안전놀이터opportunity, used his quick feet to aim for second base. Park Dong-won’s quick throw followed, and a close game unfolded with Park Young-bin’s headfirst sliding toward second base. However, the second base umpire’s decision was out.

Park Young-bin, who was confident that the game was safe, was surprised when he was ruled out, and as if feeling unfair, he turned to the dugout and asked for a video review, spreading his arms out to the sides and making a safe gesture.

While the video review continued, Park Young-bin, who made eye contact with Shin Min-jae, asked with a gentle smile, ‘Isn’t it safe?’ and the two players stood in front of the second base and appeared to be reviewing the previous situation.

A video review was conducted, but the decision was not overturned. The face of Park Young-bin, who had been waiting for the reading in anticipation of a safety, was full of regret.

Park Young-bin, who failed to keep the chance in a tie situation, was unable to leave his seat as if he was disappointed.

Meanwhile, on this day, NC Dinos won 5-4 with Kim Hyeong-jun’s final goal following an opponent’s mistake.






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